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Buy A Hoarder House!

One of the problems with being a HOARDER is:  It takes years to build up a collection of worthless junk . . . one that’s big enough that you’re unable to enter most rooms.  That’s why THIS is such an exciting opportunity:

There’s a five-bedroom, 1,700-square-foot property up for sale in New Hampshire, which comes FULLY FURNISHED for the hoarder in your life.  That’s right:  Each room has at least three feet of junk already inside!

The house is listed at $339,000.  The description says it’s “as-is,” and the buyer will “assume responsibility” for everything inside.  They also warn people NOT to open the garage door . . . OR the front door . . . OR the back door . . . probably to avoid triggering an avalanche.

(Here’s the listing.)