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Bye Bye Wienermobile

We say it’s a marketing ploy…like IHOB…  The Oscar Mayer “Wienermobile” has been around for 87 years, but Oscar Mayer just announced that they’re changing the name . .  from the Wienermobile to the Frankmobile.   And no, it’s not because people now have a problem with the word “wiener” . . . it’s a marketing thing.    The change is meant to promote a new recipe, which they’re rolling out this summer.  The new formula for their All Beef Franks will feature a “more balanced flavor profile and iconic beefy taste.”   Oscar Mayer last changed its recipe in 2017.   The hot dog packaging will be updated as well.  But the actual Wienermobile-slash-Frankmobile will not be changed, other than some decals along the side that announce the name change.  The Wienermobile is iconic, so it’s hard to believe this will be a permanent change.  But a spokesperson is being coy about it . . . they say they’re “trying out [the name] to see if it ‘cuts the mustard’ with its fans.”