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Camila Cabello tells fans that meditation can help calm COVID-19-induced anxiety, increase your empathy

ABC/Image Group LA

ABC/Image Group LA

Camila Cabello is the latest star to weigh in on how she’s coping with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.  For her, it’s all about mind over matter.

On Instagram, Camila posted a photo of herself sitting cross-legged with her eyes closed, and in a lengthy essay, she reveals that meditation is her prescription for dealing with any anxiety you may be feeling due to the current situation.

She writes, “Meditation has changed my life in the last few months. I didn’t share this with you guys at the time because honestly I was just trying to be okay, but I was experiencing severe anxiety. It was meditation…practicing every single day multiple times a day that has been healing me, and — more than just helping me manage strong emotions like anxiety and stress — it’s making me a better human.”

Camilla goes on to say that meditation helps you “feel more connected to not only everybody around you, but living beings in general like animals, plants, and the earth.”

“In times like these, especially as young people, even if we are healthy, it’s important to practice compassion and help others that could be suffering. We are in this together, let’s not be indifferent to others’ risk,” she notes, adding, “We have parents, grandparents, friends, and neighbors, and we don’t want to be a part of the problem when we could be part of the solution.”

She suggests looking up YouTube videos on meditation, and offers instructions for how to get started.

After breathing, clearing your mind and picturing those in need, Camila suggests repeating this sentence: “May you be healthy. May you be safe. May you be free from illness. May you be well.”

She adds, “Repeat until you really feel it in your heart.”

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