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Can You Say Ouch

A Florida woman was snorkeling with a friend at Alexander Springs Recreation Area in Ocala over the weekend when a 9-foot alligator attacked her and bit her forehead… And a photographer nearby happened to snap photos of the immediate aftermath, including one that clearly shows an alligator lurking behind them.  Marissa Carr says she still cannot believe that an alligator bit her in the face on Sunday.   Marissa said it all happened in a matter of seconds. So fast, that she didn’t realize the alligator had bitten her at all.   The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission confirmed the bite report and said a trapper was able to find the nuisance alligator and remove it. It’s actually the second alligator incident to happen within the week.    On Nov. 1, a 79-year-old man was also snorkeling and “bumped” into an alligator. The gate did not bite it, but he did receive a non-life-threatening injury, though FWC didn’t elaborate on what the injuries were.    Alexander Springs briefly closed, but has since reopened.