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Can Your Age Be Guessed By Your Taste in Marvel Men?

A new Buzzfeed poll claims that it can guess your age by your taste in Marvel Men. The first question asks which Marvel superhero suits you best, the choices are between Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner or Thor Odinson.

The next question asks about Team Cap and which member you want as a Valentine. Bucky Barnes, Falcon, Ant-Man or Hawkeye. Team Iron Man is up next, would you want Peter Parker, T’Challa, War Machine or Vision as a date?

Then Killmonger, Mysterio, Loki or Yon-Rogg are your choices for the sexiest villain. The final question is which MCU is your secret crush, Star-Lord, Doctor Strange, M’Baku, or Wong.

Luckily, the quiz ended in our favor, guessing our age at 22.

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