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Cannabis May Reduce Deadly COVID-19 Lung Inflammation: Researchers Explain Why

Researchers at the University of Nebraska and the Texas Biomedical Research Institute have found that the CBD found in cannabis may reduce lung inflammation caused by COVID-19.

As researchers look for drugs to decrease inflammation they also look for those that don’t produce harmful side effects like inflammation of the pancreas and hypertriglyceridemia (a risk factor for coronary artery disease).

CBD has properties that are anti-inflammatory and is already FDA approved to be safe for children with intractable epilepsy. It’s also very tolerable for most people.

CBD not only will specifically target lung inflammation it will also help the anxiety that comes along with COVID-19, such as the status of the economy, loss of connection, and employment. CBD won’t help the symptoms of COVID-19 alone but it could work with other antiviral medications.

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