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Captain Kirk Is Really Headed To Space

He’s boldly going where no one his age has ever gone before!   William Shatner is going where only few men have gone before: the Star Trek actor is set to blast off into space aboard Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket. TMZ reports that Captain Kirk will be among the passengers aboard the rocket when it launches in October. In doing so, the 90-year-old actor will become the oldest person ever to go to space, breaking a record recently set by 82-year old astronaut Wally Funk, who took a trip aboard the Blue Origin in July.  Perhaps equally significant, Shatner will also be the first-ever inductee of the WWE’s Wrestling Hall of Fame to go to space.   Blue Origin’s 11-minute sub orbital flight takes passengers more than 62 miles above Earth, including three minutes in zero gravity. Shatner is reportedly filming the once-in-a-lifetime experience for an upcoming documentary. Meanwhile, Shatner just released his new spoken word album, BILL, which featured collaborations with Joe Jonas, Joe Walsh, Brad Paisley, and more.