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Carol Baskin Tricked Into Interview For What She Thought Was For Jimmy Fallon!

Two YouTubers tricked CAROLE BASKIN from“Tiger King” into giving a rare interview by making her believe she was being interviewed by JIMMY FALLON for “The Tonight Show”.  But she didn’t mind, because they were pretty decent to her.

CAROLE BASKIN has given almost no interviews since “Tiger King” came out . . . mainly because she doesn’t like the way she’s portrayed in it.

And she probably doesn’t want to answer any questions about her missing husband . . . which you just know EVERYBODY wants to ask her.

But two YouTubers named Josh Pieters and Archie Manners tricked Carole into giving her first interview, by pretending to be producers from “The Tonight Show”.

They used the quarantine to their advantage, telling Carole she wouldn’t be able to see JIMMY FALLON because he didn’t have the right equipment at his house.  Then they played old clips of Jimmy asking questions, and she answered them.

Nothing sensational or gossip-worthy happened.  Carole only wanted to talk about her Big Cat Rescue and the bill she’s trying to get passed that would outlaw those roadside zoos from “Tiger King”, so it was a pretty normal interview.

And because of that, Carole told “Us Weekly” that she wasn’t upset at all about the prank.