Jesse James Is Bringing Back “Monster Garage”

The nostalgia revival continues. The reality show Monster Garage is set for a comeback on Discovery. Jesse James will also return. The original show aired from 2002 to 2006. There is no official date for the premiere of the new version. Were you a fan of Monster Garage? Has there been any show close to […]

How to Pair Wine With Girl Scout Cookies

It’s that time of year where Girl Scout Cookies are everywhere and you can’t help but buy a box…or two or three. But instead of plowing through the box of delicious cookies with milk you can now pair them with wine, adding a bit of sophistication. If you’re into the shortbread cookies, Barefoot Wines winemaker […]

Hidden Valley Coming Out With a Line of Sauces

Ranch lovers, you’re now about to get one heck of a treat. Hidden Valley is coming out with a line of sauces that will allow you to put ranch on anything you want. It’s called “Secret Sauce” and comes in three flavors original, smokehouse, and spicy. Not much else is known about the flavors but […]

Here Are Some Of The Best Travel Apps For 2020

Mashable has listed some of the best apps for traveling this year. If you are getting ready for spring break or a summer vacation, you might want to download some or all of them.  For planning what to wear on your trip, try PackPoint. It will give you customized lists based upon the weather forecast […]

Bon Jovi Releases “Limitless”

Bon Jovi has just released a new track, “Limitless” from their upcoming album 2020. Fans were asked to along to the song’s instrumental track with provided lyrics.  The winner of Bon Jovi’s social media contest will get to perform “Limitless” live on stage with the band during their summer tour with Bryan Adams. Look for […]

Here’s What’s Coming To Netflix In March

Stock up the snacks and sodas and get that sofa groove ready, here’s what’s coming to Netflix next month. Right out of the gate on the first, subscribers can start streaming Corpse Bride, Donnie Brasco, Goodfellas, He’s Just Not That Into You, Hook, Space Jam, The Shawshank Redemption, and ZZ Top’s new biopic That Little […]

Marvel Studios Eyeing Rami Malek for Silver Surfer

If this turns out to be true, this is some pretty cool news from Marvel Studios. According to Marvel insiders, Marvel Studios is looking to have Rami Malek play Silver Surfer. The insider also says that the Silver Surfer movie will come first to introduce fans to the Fantastic Four and other characters. What do […]

How To Break Up With Your Hairstylist

You might get to the point where your hairdresser isn’t doing it for you anymore. How can you best tell them that you are moving to someone else’s chair? Some hairstylists were asked the question and the response was clear: Be honest. One stylist said, “Honesty is the best policy. I think with a hairstylist, […]

Another Look At “Bill And Ted Face The Music”

There is a new picture from the set of Bill And Ted Face The Music. The photo shows our heroes dressed up for a fancy occasion. Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter return to their original roles. Hopefully, we will get a preview trailer soon. Bill And Ted Face The Music hits theaters on August 21st. […]

SunFest Announces 2020 Lineup

WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. –February 19, 2020 – SunFest, Florida’s largest music, art and waterfront festival announces the lineup for the 38th annual event. The national headliners scheduled to perform on the Ford, Tire Kingdom and Airtab stages include: Cage The Elephant, Darius Rucker, Illenium, Slightly Stoopid , A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Adam Lambert, […]

Can Your Age Be Guessed By Your Taste in Marvel Men?

A new Buzzfeed poll claims that it can guess your age by your taste in Marvel Men. The first question asks which Marvel superhero suits you best, the choices are between Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner or Thor Odinson. The next question asks about Team Cap and which member you want as a Valentine. […]

How Long Can You Use Makeup Before It Expires?

Did you know that your makeup can go bad? There is actually a “PAO” symbol on some makeup containers that looks like an open jar with a number on it and the letter “M” that tells you how many months it could be used after it’s opened. It’s recommended that you mark the makeup with […]

‘Beer Goggles’ Do Actually Exist, Says Study

It’s not just a joke that a six when you’re sober turns into a ten after a few drinks. Publishing their results in the journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviours, researchers at the University of Ormskirk have found that “Beer Goggles” is a real thing. For the study, 120 participants were asked to orientate the letter […]

A Classic Monsters Land is Coming to Universal’s Epic Universe Theme Park

If you were excited about Epic Universe, there’s more to be excited about now! The coolest land there will be themed to the classic Universal Monsters. The first details about this new land have begun to come out from ParkStop. The land will be built to look like a European village, with the sets built […]

What the Critics Are Saying About Billie Eilish’s James Bond Theme

Critics have had a chance to listen to Billie Eilish’s James Bond Theme, “No Time To Die,” and so far it’s being said that Eilish’s haunting track is just the right amount of mystery and gives context to the Bond character himself according to The Guardian. With Bond themes over the course of time, they […]

Here’s the First Look at Robert Pattinson As Batman

Director Matt Reeves has given fans a first look at Robert Pattinson as Batman.  In a video posted to Twitter, Reeves posted a screen test video of Pattinson as the caped crusader.  The video begins fuzzy and as it becomes clearer you see the Batman symbol and next Pattinson as Batman.  Does seeing this teaser […]

Nintendo Switch Pop Up Lounges Coming To Airports

If you or your kids need to burn off some energy before a flight, Nintendo might be able to help. At select U.S. airports, Nintendo is hosting pop-up lounges to play games on the Switch. The lounges will include comfortable seating with charging ports. The Nintendo pop-ups are scheduled to start today (Thursday, February 13th) […]

Rick Moranis Returns from 24-Year Hiatus to Star in Honey, I Shrunk The Kids Reboot

Actor Rick Moranis is returning to Hollywood after a nearly 24-year hiatus to return a reboot of Disney’s Honey, I Shrunk The Kids.  Disney hasn’t commented on Moranis’ return but actor Josh Gad confirmed the rumors on Twitter. Moranis first played the father who accidentally miniaturized his kids and neighbors with his experimental machine back […]

Lance Bass Creating an NSYNC Movie

Lance Bass Creating an NSYNC Movie TriStar Pictures has announced that they will be a part of an NSYNC movie that’s created by former member Lance Bass.  The film will center around two friends who use their prize money from The Price Is Right to buy a Winnebago to follow NSYNC across the country on […]

Jimmy Fallon And The Backstreet Boys Redo “The Thong Song”

Jimmy Fallon brought back his barbershop quartet The Ragtime Gals for a performance on Tuesday’s Tonight Show. The gals happened to be The Backstreet Boys. What followed was a stirring rendition of Sisqo’s The Thong Song. The Backstreet Boys were also on the show to promote their extended DNA tour. Do you think Fallon should […]

“Apollo 13” Returns To Theaters In Honor Of NASA Moonshot 50th Anniversary

The story of the moon-mission era is returning to the big screen. Apollo 13 will have a limited engagement in more than 600 theaters across the country this April.  The depiction of the true story will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the mission that launched on April 11th, 1970. The movie was directed by Ron […]

Free Wings From Hooters On Valentine’s Day If You Bring This

Single this Valentine’s Day? You know what would lessen the pain of a breakup? Free food. Hooters will give heart-broken guests 10 boneless wings on the house this Friday if you bring a photo of an ex to be shredded. Already tossed the prints? That’s ok too. Hooters will allow you to “digitally shred” the […]

IKEA Is Finally Hosting An In-Store Sleepover

If the cozy layouts inside the IKEA showroom have you day-dreaming about curling up under covers in one of those build-it-yourself beds, you’ll soon have the chance. The Swedish furniture store with a restaurant (or Swedish restaurant with a furniture store) is hosting a Swede Dreams Sleepover event on March 13th in celebration of World […]

Is The #Broomchallenge Real?

While scrolling through your social media feed, you may have come across friends attempting to participate in the #broomchallenge. The latest viral internet task sees people trying to get an ordinary household broom to stand on its own. The challenge allegedly could only have happened yesterday (Monday) because NASA claimed the tilt of the Earth […]