Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift tie for 10 MTV Video Music Award nominations

It’s going to be a battle of the pop stars. Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift have both earned 10 MTV VMA nominations. They are competing in eight of the same categories which includes video of the year. Post Malone and Khalid didn’t receive any nominations despite having hit records over the past year. Who do […]

“Game of Thrones” Creators Leaving HBO

The creators of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” are preparing to leave the network.  David Benioff and Dan Weiss are currently in talks with other companies on a new deal that could include TV and movie development.  Reports are they’ve already talked with Amazon, Netflix, and recently Disney.  The duo could get upwards of $200 million […]

Watch The Trailer For Hulu’s “Four Weddings And A Funeral”

If you are looking for some romantic comedy binging this summer, Hulu has you covered. Four Weddings and A Funeral has been adapted into a 12-part series. Mindy Kaling created this version of the story for the streaming service. Look for the first episode to be released on July 31st. What is your favorite all-time […]

“Jumanji: The Next Level” Trailer Is Here

A sequel to 2017’s Jumanji is on the way and the first trailer is here. Jumanji: The Next Level reunites Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, and Jack Black. Danny DeVito and Danny Glover get involved in the game as well. Nick Jonas and Awkwafina jump in the mix too. Jumanji: The Next Level will […]

Will Victoria Beckham Reunite With The Spice Girls?

Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) did not join the recent Spice Girls reunion concerts. Mel B (Scary Spice) thinks that Beckham could rejoin the group for a special anniversary. During an interview, Mel B said, “Funnily enough, my mum was at her mum’s summer party and Victoria was there. She did actually mention to my mum […]

Copy Cat: Couple Pays $25k to have their Beloved Kitty Cloned

In what sounds like a scene from the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie “The 6th Day,” a North Carolina couple has had their cat successfully cloned — for about the same amount of money it would have cost for 250 new cats. Huntersville residents Bryan and Ashley Bullerdick shelled out $25,000 for the copy cat, which they […]

“Gone With the Wind” Mansion Up for Auction

The Georgia mansion that was used in the classic movie “Gone With The Wind” is up for auction.  The auction bids for the home will begin July 4 at $1 million and the live auction will begin July 25.  The mansion, located in Covington, Georgia, sits on 3.1 acres of land and includes a pool, […]

Cassette Sales Jump To 15 Year High

Time to dust off your old decks. Cassettes are back, with sales reaching their highest point in 15 years. According to, while the numbers represent just 0.2 percent of all albums sold, sales are up 112 percent year-over-year in the UK, with over 36,000 bought in 2019 alone. Which artists are driving the purchases? […]

Will Hot Fish Sandwiches Take Off?

Hot chicken has been around for a while but the trend of the spicy bird started spreading across the country over the past few years.  Eater speculates that Hot Fish might not be far behind.  Some restaurants famous for serving hot chicken are now dabbling in flaming hot fish sandwiches.  Different types of fish are […]

Jimmy Fallon Board Games Bring Late-Night Fun Home

Just because you’re not standing on The Tonight Show stage doesn’t mean you can’t have the same fun as Jimmy Fallon and his guests. Thanks to Hasbro, three of the late-night host’s games will become available for at home play. Launched on Friday for presale, fans can get their hands on each for $20 when […]

Henry Cavill Is Your New Sherlock Holmes

After playing Superman, Henry Cavill is moving on to play the world-famous detective Sherlock Holmes. Cavill will co-star in the movie adaptation of Enola Holmes. Enola is the younger sister of Sherlock in the stories based on the books by Nancy Springer. Millie Bobby Brown will play the title character. Have you read the books? […]

Ticketmaster Fined $4.5 Million for Misleading Sales Practices

It’s taken a year for Ticketmaster to be charged and fined for misleading sales practices.  The online ticket seller was fined $4.5 million for inflating their ticket prices between 20 and 60 percent  It was found that Ticketmaster LLC, TNow Entertainment Group Inc., and Ticketmaster Canada LP’s online prices weren’t attainable due to numerous mandatory […]

Welcome To The First Razor Ad To Finally Feature Pubic Hair

Razor brand, Billie just dropped a video in support of women’s pubic hair. Billie is a subscription-based company that has competitive pricing to men’s razors.  The ad encourages women to shave, or not shave and features women in bikinis with their pubic hair visually showing.  Some men and women were “disgusted” by the “Red, White, […]

You Could Play at Clapton’s Crossroads Festival

This contest is probably for someone whose guitar skills go past playing “Smoke On The Water.”  Eric Clapton and string-maker Ernie Ball are giving one unsigned artist a chance to play at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival. The winner will get to play on the Crossroads Village stage this September in Texas.  They’ll also get […]

The Seinfeld Experience is set to open in New York City

“Seinfield” is a television show that has stood the test of time. Now fans will get a chance to experience it in real life in New York. The Seinfield Experience will include costumes, memorabilia and exhibits. It will open February 2020 and operate 7 days a week.  Will you be making a trip to the […]

A Study Found That Up To 33 Percent Of Women Have Made A “Foodie Call”

If you’ve seen Aziz Ansari’s Master of None, you know about the term, “foodie call.” If you haven’t, a “foodie call” is where you call someone for a date with the intention of getting a free meal. A recent study says that 23-33 percent of women have made a foodie call.  The study done at […]

Flash Gordon Movie Being Developed for Disney

Now that Disney has access to Fox’s huge catalog of characters, they’re moving forward to make an animated Flash Gordon film and have hired Taika Waititi.  Deadline is reporting that the “Thor: Ragnarok” director will also write and develop the film as well.  Efforts to bring Flash Gordon to the big screen have been hard […]

‘Space Jam 2’ Begins Filming

It looks like LeBron James’ long-awaited Space Jam sequel is finally in production. On Tuesday, the Lakers star confirmed that shooting for Space Jam 2 had begun, tweeting “Man this really just hit me! I’m really shooting Space Jam 2!!”, adding “This is CRAZINESS.” So who’s in the movie?  So far we know that LeBron, […]

Ryan Reynolds Writes Fake Review Of His Gin

Ryan Reynolds knows how to create buzz. He wrote a phony review of his own Aviator Gin and posted it on Instagram. Reynolds writing under the fake name Champ Nightengale said Aviator was “the smoothest Gin I’ve ever tried.” After that, things went south because Champ has too much to drink.  He continued, “When I […]

Pizza Hut Brings Back Old Logo

Pizza Hut is riding the wave of nostalgia. The restaurant in returning to their old logo. You will see it in commercials and on the pizza box soon. The throwback logo reportedly tested well with diners. The classic Pizza Hut restaurants ranked high as well – You know, the red roofs and the checkered table […]

Box Office: ‘Toy Story 4’ Dominates With $118 Million Debut

Toy Story 4 dominated the box office this weekend. Early estimates had the movie making $140 million; it brought in $118 million. Overseas it made $120 million. Making up the top 5 was #2 Child’s Play, #3 Aladdin, #4 Men in Black International and #5 Secret Life of Pet’s 2 How many movies in the […]

NASA Rover Detects Mars Gas Puff that Hints at Possibility of Life

The NASA rover, Curiosity, made a new discovery of methane gas on Mars Wednesday.  This time the measurement was three times larger than the 2013’s measurement of methane. Here on Earth, methane is usually produced by living things, leading scientists to theorize there may be tiny living microbes on Mars.  NASA is conducting more experiments […]