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The House Of Retro Pleasure’s Featured Video! Scandal – The Warrior

From 1984 – “The Warrior” went to number one in Canada and number seven in the United States. The music video of the song depicts the apocalypse in a warehouse. Who knew the apocalypse would give us such great make up! The song is used in the opening credits to the first episode of each […]

Happy National Pancake Day

It’s National Pancake Day at IHOP, where you can get a free short stack.  They just ask you to donate whatever you can spare to charity.  They also have a contest you can enter for a chance at free pancakes for life. But we want to know, what’s the best topping or  best filling for […]

Jesse James Is Bringing Back “Monster Garage”

The nostalgia revival continues. The reality show Monster Garage is set for a comeback on Discovery. Jesse James will also return. The original show aired from 2002 to 2006. There is no official date for the premiere of the new version. Were you a fan of Monster Garage? Has there been any show close to […]

Win PANCAKES FOR LIFE on National Pancake Day at IHOP!

Tomorrow (2/25) is National Pancake Day which means you can get a free buttermilk short stack from IHOP tomorrow. The annual promotion kicks off at participating locations between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m for anyone who dines-in. One day just won’t do it for you? Enter into the chain’s “Pancakes for Life” contest while you wait for […]

Hillary Duff Is One Tough Mom

Is she a great mom or a racist?  Hillary Duff went off on a man who was taking pictures at her 7-year-old son’s football game, even though he didn’t know any of the kids there.  Since the man was black, some people think she was being racist, and not just a concerned parent. What do […]

HAND Sanitizer…..HAND Is The Key Word Here!

A Florida middle school teacher has been suspended after washing a student’s mouth out with hand sanitizer. Others in the classroom say the teacher, Guyette Duhart, told a student he was talking too loudly in class, before grabbing a bottle of hand sanitizer and pumping it in his mouth.  Duhart claims the student grabbed the […]

Love To Cook? Hate To Clean? Just Do THIS!

Don’t tell German strongwoman Kathleen Krausse she belongs in the kitchen with a frying pan – she’ll bend it in half. Krausse just set a Guinness World Record for bending frying pans with her bare hands – bending seven of them in under 60 seconds. Before her record-breaking attempt, Krausse quipped “I love cooking, but I […]

How to Pair Wine With Girl Scout Cookies

It’s that time of year where Girl Scout Cookies are everywhere and you can’t help but buy a box…or two or three. But instead of plowing through the box of delicious cookies with milk you can now pair them with wine, adding a bit of sophistication. If you’re into the shortbread cookies, Barefoot Wines winemaker […]

Hidden Valley Coming Out With a Line of Sauces

Ranch lovers, you’re now about to get one heck of a treat. Hidden Valley is coming out with a line of sauces that will allow you to put ranch on anything you want. It’s called “Secret Sauce” and comes in three flavors original, smokehouse, and spicy. Not much else is known about the flavors but […]

Here Are Some Of The Best Travel Apps For 2020

Mashable has listed some of the best apps for traveling this year. If you are getting ready for spring break or a summer vacation, you might want to download some or all of them.  For planning what to wear on your trip, try PackPoint. It will give you customized lists based upon the weather forecast […]

Bon Jovi Releases “Limitless”

Bon Jovi has just released a new track, “Limitless” from their upcoming album 2020. Fans were asked to along to the song’s instrumental track with provided lyrics.  The winner of Bon Jovi’s social media contest will get to perform “Limitless” live on stage with the band during their summer tour with Bryan Adams. Look for […]

Rest In Hair Sy Sperling! Mr. Hair Club For Men

Yes Sy Sperline the founder of Hair Club for Men (and also a client) . . . died Wednesday.  He was 78.  Sperling founded the company in 1976 with just $10,000, and sold it in 2000 for $45 million.  (Full Story)  He went national in the early ’80s, with his now-legendary TV commercials where he admitted, quote, […]

The Horrible Effects Of Bullying

Have you heard this heart-wrenching story of Quaden Bayles, a 9-year-old Australian boy born with a form of dwarfism . . . who’s suicidal because of the bullying he’s subjected to at school.   Quaden’s mother was so fed up she posted a video of her son crying and saying he wants to kill himself.   She […]

Have You Seen Subway Lady Gaga?

It all started when a comedian named Kevin Freshwater approached an unassuming woman on the subway to finish the lyrics to Lady Gaga’s “Shallow.”   A woman went viral after a comedian stopped her in a subway station in London and asked her to finish singing a Lady Gaga song . . . and she killed […]

Here’s What’s Coming To Netflix In March

Stock up the snacks and sodas and get that sofa groove ready, here’s what’s coming to Netflix next month. Right out of the gate on the first, subscribers can start streaming Corpse Bride, Donnie Brasco, Goodfellas, He’s Just Not That Into You, Hook, Space Jam, The Shawshank Redemption, and ZZ Top’s new biopic That Little […]

Marvel Studios Eyeing Rami Malek for Silver Surfer

If this turns out to be true, this is some pretty cool news from Marvel Studios. According to Marvel insiders, Marvel Studios is looking to have Rami Malek play Silver Surfer. The insider also says that the Silver Surfer movie will come first to introduce fans to the Fantastic Four and other characters. What do […]

YESSSSS!! ZZ Top BioPic Coming To Netflix In March!

Stock up the snacks and sodas and get that sofa groove ready, here’s what’s coming to Netflix next month. Right out of the gate on the first, subscribers can start streaming Corpse Bride, Donnie Brasco, Goodfellas, He’s Just Not That Into You, Hook, Space Jam, The Shawshank Redemption, and ZZ Top’s new biopic That Little Ol’ Band from Texas. Halfway through March 2020, Silver […]


WOWOWOWWOW!  Congrats A-Ha!  One of our favs here on Sunny 1079!  It’s one of the few pre-‘90s music videos to join the billion-views club alongside Guns N’ Roses‘ “November Rain” and Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”.  Incase you’re wondering….hey, what else did they sing?  I’ve helped you out here with a few!

A Woman Plays The Violin During Brain Surgery

How amazing is this?  A violinist isn’t allowing a brain tumor to silence her music.  Dagmar Turner discovered she had an aggressive brain tumor after she suffered a seizure during a concert in 2013.  Doctors said she required extensive brain surgery on the right frontal lobe, the part of the brain where fine motor control […]

How To Break Up With Your Hairstylist

You might get to the point where your hairdresser isn’t doing it for you anymore. How can you best tell them that you are moving to someone else’s chair? Some hairstylists were asked the question and the response was clear: Be honest. One stylist said, “Honesty is the best policy. I think with a hairstylist, […]

Another Look At “Bill And Ted Face The Music”

There is a new picture from the set of Bill And Ted Face The Music. The photo shows our heroes dressed up for a fancy occasion. Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter return to their original roles. Hopefully, we will get a preview trailer soon. Bill And Ted Face The Music hits theaters on August 21st. […]

NASCAR Driver Ryan Newman WALKS Out Of Hospital And Goes Home!

How sweet is this picture? Walking out of the hospital hand in hand with his daughters! As you remember, the final lap of Daytona 500 ended Monday night with that fiery crash that sent Ryan Newman’s car into the air and skidding across the finish line. Rousch Fenway Racing confirms that the 19-year NASCAR veteran […]

Who’s Ready For The Whitney Houston 2020 Tour?!

Brought to you by the world of technology, Whitney Houston is set to go on tour. A hologram of the R&B singer is set to tour Europe and the United States starting on February 25th. The technology began development five years ago and her Houston’s sister-in-law and former manager, Pat Houston, says the time is […]