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Dwayne Johnson Serenades 100 Year Old Fan

Dwayne Johnson has fans of all ages so it’s no surprise the lengths that he will go to please them. The actor received a special birthday tweet request for a fan that was turning 100. Marie Grover was known for wearing clothing with him on it and thought he was handsome. Dwayne Johnson made sure […]

Fleetwood Mac Announce Final Show Of Massive World Tour

Fleetwood Mac has been on the road for the better part of the last two years. They have performed 80 concerts in 8 countries.  Their world tour has an end in sight. The band announced the final concert will take place on November 16th at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Mick Fleetwood said, “When we […]

Chick-fil-A has slowest drive-thrus in fast food, study says

You may like Chick-fil-A but they have a lot of things to work on. A new study reveals they have the slowest drive-thru in fast food. Customers can expect to wait for about 5 minutes. Compared to the fastest drive-thru, Dunkin’ which is about 3 minutes. Are you a Chick-fil-A fan?

Aldi’s Cheese Advent Calendar Is Coming Back

Aldi is bringing back a holiday favorite, their cheese advent calendar.  The big blue box will consist of 24 different miniature types of cheese that include everyone’s favorite, gouda, and cheddar. The calendar will hit Aldi shelves on November 6.  What’s been the coolest advent calendar you’ve ever seen?

Golden Girls Costumes Are Here For Halloween

“Thank you for being a friend” could be your theme song this Halloween. Golden Girls costumes are available. While you may have been able to pull together the look on your own, a company has made it easier to portray Dorothy, Sophia, Blanche or Rose.  The costumes are under $65 and the wigs are about […]

“Sesame Street” Moves To HBO Max

‘Can you tell me how to get…how to get to Sesame Street’ on my TV or tablet?  The popular children’s show will be moving from HBO to the HBO Max streaming service.  There will be 5 new seasons of Sesame Street coming in the next few years. The 50-year library of episodes will also be […]

What’s the National Average For Kids Allowance? How Close Are You? I’m WAY Off!

How much money are kids getting for an allowance?  Apparently Mayim Bialik doesn’t give her kids ANYTHING! A new study finds the average weekly amount is $30. Two-thirds of parents are hitting that number. The allowance amount is up from $17 in 2016. Most parents expect their children to earn the money. On average, most […]

Girl Scout Cookies, Will Smith Clothes & Kylie! It’s What’s Trending With Tracy On CBS12!

We all have our favorite – mine being the Samoa.…Early next year, the Food Network is bringing us the “Girl Scout Cookie Championship”!!!!  This is a dream come true!  I can smell it now!  Contestants have to come up with new desserts using Girl Scout Cookies. Thin Mints…Trefoils, Do-Si-Do’s!   ALYSON HANNIGAN of How I Met Your Mother fame will […]

Fright Nights Pre-View

We all took a sneak peak tour of 1 of the 4 houses at Fright Nights at the South Florida Fairgrounds. Our producer, Stephen Diener (pronounced Dee-Ner) , was the brunt of most of the scares and jokes, hence “What’s For Diener?” Fright Nights is an annual Halloween event that occurs at the South Florida […]

The McRib Is Back at McDonald’s for 2019

The McRib is back for a limited time at participating McDonald’s locations. For those who have never had a McRib, it is a boneless pork patty in a tangy barbecue sauce topped with onions and a pickle between a hoagie style bun. Prices and availability vary. What food do you wish would return to your […]

“Joker” Expected To Cash In Around The World

Joker opens this weekend and experts feel the movie will make tons of money. The movie could make between $80 and $95 million in the U.S. and it’s possible Joker could bring in a total of $155 million worldwide. Joker could break an October opening record set by last year’s Venom. That comic book movie […]

Elton John’s Farewell Tour Could Out Last Us All! He’s Added MORE Dates!

At this rate, Elton John’s ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour’ will still be going strong when the rest of us die of old age. The legendary rocker just added yet another set of European dates to his goodbye tour, which began in September of 2018 and will now continue at least through December of 2020. […]

You Think Your Rent Is High? Check Out This Literal SHED Going For $1,050 A Month!

People are outraged about a rental property in San Diego, California. It’s a shed. Not a house, apartment or condo…A Shed! The “studio” is located in the backyard of a home in the North Park neighborhood. How much does it cost per month? $1,050. It does come with plumbing, a kitchenette, new laminate flooring, and […]

Garlic & Onions Lower Breast Cancer Rates!

Could onions and garlic be the answers to reducing your chance of breast cancer? They sure can by 67%, according to a recent study by the University of Puerto Rico and the University of Buffalo. The study focused on Puerto Rico, since it has the lower breast cancer rates compared to the United States. Puerto […]

An Incredible Surprise For One Elementary School Boy

These kids are great. An 8-year-old kid near Knoxville named David Hunt lost all his toys in a fire last month.  But on Friday, his entire third-grade class surprised him with NEW toys to replace the old ones.  The toys were out on their desks when he walked into class.  And the first thing he […]

That’s My Yipstick

We LOVE this little girl!  An adorable little girl explains to her dad that she’s the one who put the “yipstick” on her face . . . and that she bought it at “Homey Depot.”

There’s Now A Mayonnaise-Flavored Ice Cream

We now have a contender for the strangest ice cream ever thanks to Japan’s Morinaga Milk Industry. Dubbed the “Calorie Monster Cherio Creamy Mayonnaise Flavor,” the limited-time frozen treat went on sale last week. It’s served as an ice cream bar, with white chocolate in the center surrounded by the mayo-flavor ice cream, then dipped […]

Ryan Reynolds And Michael Bay Team Up For “6 Underground”

Netflix is about to deliver some serious action to you. The trailer for 6 Underground was released on Tuesday.  Ryan Reynolds leads a team of ghost operatives who set out to rid the world of bad guys. Michael Bay directed the film. He said, “It’s like the movies I did way back when where it’s […]

Woman Goes From 2019 Housewife To 1950’s Housewife!

When Katrina Holte, 30, decided she wanted to quit her payroll job to become a housewife, her husband, Lars, 28, whom she’s been married to for three years, had no problem with it. Holte went further, however, by turning into a 1950s housewife. Holte says she gets up at 6 am to make her husband’s […]

Cherie Johnson Says YES To Punky Brewster Revival!

Punky Brewster star Cherie Johnson is set to reprise her role in the reboot of the series coming to NBC’s Peacock streaming network. The show’s star Soleil Moon Frye has already signed on for the project too. For the reboot of the popular 80s show, Punky is a single mom of three who meets a […]

Add Another One To The List….Sunny 1079 Artist “A-Ha” Are Mad At The President

On Monday, PRESIDENT TRUMP released a new campaign video that uses the infamous “rotoscoping” technique that A-Ha made famous in their “Take On Me“ video. Check it out here. It’s not like A-Ha owns rotoscoping or anything . . . but it is an irrefutable scientific fact that the second you see it used in any context whatsoever, you immediately think “Take […]

There’s A Mouse In The White House

Yesterday, the press went into a frenzy after a mouse fell from the ceiling of the briefing room . . . and onto the lap of NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander.  Then it ran behind a shelf.  Peter Tweeted, quote, “A mouse literally fell out of the ceiling in our White House booth […]

There’s A Mouse In The White House

Yesterday, the press went into a frenzy after a mouse fell from the ceiling of the briefing room . . . and onto the lap of NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander.  Then it ran behind a shelf.  Peter Tweeted, quote, “A mouse literally fell out of the ceiling in our White House booth […]

A Homeless Woman Has A Golden Voice

A homeless woman in L.A. named Emily Zamourka is going viral after the LAPD posted a video of her singing in the subway.  Now people are helping her out.  Since the video,  she’s found a place to stay . . . someone is giving her a new violin . . . she has booked at least […]

McDonald’s Is Selling One-Cent Big Macs

This Week If you’re a fan of Big Macs this week is a chance for you take advantage of a great deal. McDonald’s has teamed up with Door Dash to sell one million Big Macs for just 1 cent. The deal starts today and ends October 4. Just order on the Door Dash app or […]

Phil Collins Takes Nasty On-Stage Fall

Aging singer Phil Collins — who’s getting around these days with the use of a cane — suffered a harrowing fall Sunday during a performance in Charlotte, North Carolina. A video taken by a fan shows the former Genesis member walking toward the stage’s drum riser, on which his son is delivering a solo. He […]