A Perfect Launch Of SpaceX

Jennifer saw it, but Bill’s view was blocked by clouds. 4-astronauts are ascending into space as part of SpaceX’s fifth crewed mission to orbit.  The Crew-3 mission launched last night…

Veterans Day

Honor the sacrifice…Remember the service.  Say thanks if you happen to see a Veteran  today. Google Trends sent out an email for Veterans Day on the top questions people have…

Squid Game 2 Is In The Works!

This was really a no brainer!  The creator of ‘Squid Game’ says season two is coming. The fictional competition series has become wildly popular on Netflix since launching in September….

Amazon And Adele

Adele is featured in a new holiday ad from Amazon. A Gospel ballad titled, “Hold On” is the soundtrack for the ad. It features a student who is sitting in…

Look Who’s Back!

After 8 years, Dexter is back!   The serial killer is now retired, or is he?  The show, Dexter, New Blood debuted last night on Showtime. Did you watch?