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Follow Your Dreams

A coffee company called SToK Cold Brew is holding a contest where they’re going to give 3-people $30,000 to quit or take a break from their job, and follow their dream for a month.  The deadline is Monday and the website is QuitYourJobAndGetStoked.com.

The Epitome Of Kindness

An 8-year-old kid in Kansas named Christian Moore showed up for his first day of school, and noticed another boy named Connor crying in the corner.  So he held his hand.  Now a photo of them is going viral, because it turns out Connor’s autistic.  So that’s why he was having a hard time.  Christian’s […]

DQ Unveils New Fall Blizzards

Dairy Queen has announced their new flavors for the fall and if you’re thinking Pumpkin Spice is it, you’re wrong.  Today DQ announced that the two new fall flavors will be Harvest Berry Pie and a new version of the Heath Caramel Brownie Blizzard.  While new flavors were announced some classics are also coming back […]

New “Rise of Skywalker” Trailer Is Out

The new trailer for “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” is out and fans are going crazy!  Why are they going crazy? Well, because in the latest trailer it appears that Rey is moving over to the Dark Side.  The first 34 seconds are familiar to fans, but it’s the voices of Darth Vader and […]

Disney Is Building A “Frozen” Themed Roller Coaster

One of the new things unveiled at last weekend’s D23 convention was a Frozen-themed rollercoaster. Sadly, you won’t find it at Disneyland in California or Disney World in Florida. You’ll have to go to Disneyland Hong Kong to ride it once it’s complete. The coaster will be called Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleds. Passengers will ride […]

Ever encounter your ‘doppelganger’? They might not be too far away!

Scientists say the odds of finding someone who looks exactly like you is about 1 in one trillion.  But an Irish woman found not one, but two lookalikes – and they live in the same neighborhood. Niamh Geaney of Dublin used a website called TwinStrangers.net to find her doppelgangers.  Not only did she find multiple […]

Eddie Murphy Is Headed Back To SNL

Eddie Murphy will finally return to host “Saturday Night Live” on December 21st.  It’s been 35 years since he was on the show performing comedy.  He first appeared on “SNL” in 1980, and gained a reputation as the man who saved the show. What was your favorite memory of Eddie on SNL?

Taylor Swift Rules

Taylor Swift is taking home the top prize at the MTV Video Music Awards.  The pop star won the Video of the Year for her LGBTQ anthem “You Need to Calm Down.”  Swift used her acceptance speech to call out the White House, noting that a petition supporting the Equality Act has more than enough […]

A Black Panther Sequel Is Coming

The D23 Expo was this weekend. It is considered the ultimate Disney fan event. At the expo they announced that there will be a sequel to Black Panther but the wait is LONG! Black Panther 2 will hit theaters on May 6, 2022 to kick off that Summer’s movie season. Ryan Coogler is returning to […]

Box Office: ‘Angel Has Fallen’ Rises to No. 1 With $21 Million Debut

Angel Has Fallen starring Gerard Butler debuted at #1 at the box. The movie had a better than expected opening with $21.25 million in 3 days. It knocked off Good Boys which fell to #2 with $11.75 million bringing its total to $41.4 million. #3 was Overcomer-a faith based sports drama. It made $8 million […]

Eddie Money is battling stage 4 esophageal cancer

EDDIE MONEY is battling stage 4 esophageal cancer, but he’s staying positive.  He says, quote, “Am I going to live a long time?  Who knows?  It’s in God’s hands.  But you know what?  I’ll take every day I can get.  Every day above ground is a good day.”  We’re praying for you Eddie!

Lightning Strikes AT PGA Tour

6-people were injured by a lightning strike at the PGA Tour Championship in Atlanta on Saturday.  Nobody was struck by the lightning, but it sent debris flying, and that’s what caused the injuries.  1-person was treated at the scene.  The other 5-were hospitalized, but released later that night.  Play resumed yesterday, and Rory McIlroy came […]

Disney Plus Is Going To Be Awesome

The new Disney+ streaming service (which kicks off November 12th) is trying out a bold, new strategy.   They’re going to run their shows weekly, instead of dropping entire seasons all at once.   Apparently, that means all their shows.  Like the “High School Musical” reboot, the new “Star Wars” series “The Mandalorian”, and all those new […]

Man Saves $100K by Living in a Tiny House

If you ask 35-year-old Ryan Mitchell the secret to his success he’d tell you it’s all because of his decision to live in a tiny house.  Over the last seven years, Ryan has paid off student loans, traveled the world, started a business, and saved $100,000.  His journey began after he was fired from his […]

Could Gas Prices Drop Below $2 This Fall?

Some experts think we could see some of the lowest gasoline prices in recent memory this coming fall. The average price has dropped 15 cents in the last 5 weeks. AAA predicts gas prices will continue to drop in the fall because of lower costs for crude oil, less demand for drivers and a shift […]

First “Star Wars: Mandalorian” Trailer

The first trailer for the Disney+ series “The Mandalorian” hit the web on Friday.  The series will be after the fall of the Empire and before the First Order came to be a thing.  “The Mandalorian” will premiere on Disney+ when the streaming service makes its debut on November 12.  Are you excited for the […]

The Obamas’ first film, “American Factory,” debuts on Netflix

Former POTUS Barack and former FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s first film has debuted on Netflix. “American Factory” is about an Ohio glass factory that is run by a Chinese investor. The original filmmakers found out the Obama’s were interested after they screened it at the Sundance Film Festival. Barack and Michelle have their own production company, […]

Here’s The Time That You Are Most Productive At Work

If you’re able to plan out your workload for the day, perhaps it’s worth scheduling the tough projects until after you’ve settled in at your desk. According to a new survey taken by co-working space company Workthere, employees are most productive in the mid-morning, from 10 to 11 am. The researchers learned that people felt […]

KFC Rolls Out Mac and Cheese Bowls

While the chicken sandwich battle rages on between Chick-Fil-a, Popeyes and others, KFC just said, “Hold my beer.” KFC isn’t reworking their sandwich, they are offering a new Mac and Cheese Bowl. The dish contains a cheddar mac with a three-cheese blend on top plus KFC’s popcorn chicken bites mixed in. You can get a […]

Trending With Tracy on CBS12! What’s Hot Today!?

Taylor Swift’s new album Lover came out today and had pre-sales over a million so who knows – her biggest album EVER!?  We’ll have to wait and check the numbers!  Did you hear she’s looking for a new love nest for her and current beau Joe Alwyn?  Just a nice little London $30 million home!  She really wants 2 kitchens and lots of room to […]

Selfie Posters Are Seen As Less Likeable & Insecure

I am the WORST at selfies, so I don’t post them. So YEA ME!!  I’m likeable!!  I mean, I love taking pics of where I am or having someone take a pic of me where I am, but I’m not into selfie’s AT ALL. A study has been done, results are in!  Here they are! […]

The Golden Girls Are Back!

Jennifer loved the Golden Girls…did you?  You’ll never get to see the original “Golden Girls” together again, but at least you can see them in puppet form!   “That Golden Girls Show: A Puppet Parody” debuted off-Broadway in 2016 and now it’s starting to tour the U.S.  The show promises to capture the essence of the original […]

It’s A Bison Stampede

A group of tourists visiting Yellowstone National Park had a scary moment when they were caught in the middle of a bison stampede.  This video shows several cars parked in the road as hundreds of bison run past.  One of the beasts strikes the family’s car, denting it and shattering a window.  Even worse – […]