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A Study Found That Up To 33 Percent Of Women Have Made A “Foodie Call”

If you’ve seen Aziz Ansari’s Master of None, you know about the term, “foodie call.” If you haven’t, a “foodie call” is where you call someone for a date with the intention of getting a free meal. A recent study says that 23-33 percent of women have made a foodie call.  The study done at […]

Because Everyone Needs A Forky Friend! It’s A Fun Summer Craft Idea!

You won’t need to head out to the store to pick up the latest action figure on kids’ wish lists. Chances are there’s already one in your kitchen drawers or pantry. The breakout star of the latest Toy Story installment is a plastic spork named Forky, which fans have been recreating their own versions of at home using a […]

This Dad Is A Real Life Hero

There’s home security footage of a dad in Tampa St Pete drinking by the pool with a buddy on Sunday, while his one-year-old son walks along the edge of the pool.  There’s a safety fence around it, but the door was open.  And when the kid falls into the water, the dad dives over the […]

Flash Gordon Movie Being Developed for Disney

Now that Disney has access to Fox’s huge catalog of characters, they’re moving forward to make an animated Flash Gordon film and have hired Taika Waititi.  Deadline is reporting that the “Thor: Ragnarok” director will also write and develop the film as well.  Efforts to bring Flash Gordon to the big screen have been hard […]

‘Space Jam 2’ Begins Filming

It looks like LeBron James’ long-awaited Space Jam sequel is finally in production. On Tuesday, the Lakers star confirmed that shooting for Space Jam 2 had begun, tweeting “Man this really just hit me! I’m really shooting Space Jam 2!!”, adding “This is CRAZINESS.” So who’s in the movie?  So far we know that LeBron, […]

I Can’t Eat A Big Mac Made By A Robot!!! But It’s Coming!

According to the Wall Street Journal, McDonald’s is putting those self-serve kiosks behind them and beginning to test voice-activated drive-thrus and robotic deep fryers. One Chicago location is the only test site right now and according to SVP Mason Smoot the testing all this technology is to “help the crew and make things easier and […]

Michael Stipe Of REM May Be Coming Out Of Retirement!

Yes, yes, yes!!!!!! It’s been way too long since we’ve heard the voice of Michael Stipe, and she says he has 18 songs ready for a solo project!    “18 songs are already ready.  For five years I’d had a clean break from music. Now I’m writing, composing and recording all by myself and for the […]

Would You Buy A Car From This Guy?

Arnold Schwarzenegger went undercover (not really) as a car salesman trying to sell gas guzzling cars, but was actually trying to show the benefits of electric cars. Classic!    

Ryan Reynolds Writes Fake Review Of His Gin

Ryan Reynolds knows how to create buzz. He wrote a phony review of his own Aviator Gin and posted it on Instagram. Reynolds writing under the fake name Champ Nightengale said Aviator was “the smoothest Gin I’ve ever tried.” After that, things went south because Champ has too much to drink.  He continued, “When I […]

Pizza Hut Brings Back Old Logo

Pizza Hut is riding the wave of nostalgia. The restaurant in returning to their old logo. You will see it in commercials and on the pizza box soon. The throwback logo reportedly tested well with diners. The classic Pizza Hut restaurants ranked high as well – You know, the red roofs and the checkered table […]

Where Were You 10 Years Ago?

Today is the 10th-anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death.  The King of Pop died from cardiac arrest at his home in Los Angeles.  He was 50.  Jackson’s death was ruled a homicide, after an autopsy found anesthetic propofol and a handful of other prescription drugs in his system.  His doctor, Conrad Murray, was convicted of involuntary […]

Box Office: ‘Toy Story 4’ Dominates With $118 Million Debut

Toy Story 4 dominated the box office this weekend. Early estimates had the movie making $140 million; it brought in $118 million. Overseas it made $120 million. Making up the top 5 was #2 Child’s Play, #3 Aladdin, #4 Men in Black International and #5 Secret Life of Pet’s 2 How many movies in the […]

NASA Rover Detects Mars Gas Puff that Hints at Possibility of Life

The NASA rover, Curiosity, made a new discovery of methane gas on Mars Wednesday.  This time the measurement was three times larger than the 2013’s measurement of methane. Here on Earth, methane is usually produced by living things, leading scientists to theorize there may be tiny living microbes on Mars.  NASA is conducting more experiments […]

Janet Jackson Opens Up About Her Son, Her Dad And Her Brother

In a rare interview, Janet Jackson opens up about her childhood, Michael Jackson and her father Joe. On Michael: She shared a story about being with a late-teen Michael who would buy barbecue dinners and drive around looking for homeless people to give the dinners to. On her childhood: She admits to being deprived a […]

Super Mom To The Rescue

Thankfully, this mom is super quick!  This is a perfect example of how fast little kids can get into danger.  A security camera at an office building in Colombia shows a mom saving her little girl from falling through some stairwell railings.   She’s holding her hand as they exit an elevator, and when she lets go […]

The Flying Wallendas Cross Times Square 1300 Feet Up!

The Flying Wallendas did their tightrope walk over Times Square last night.  It was 25 stories high, between two skyscrapers, for 1,300 feet.  It’s a brother and sister, and they both wore safety harnesses because they’re required by the city.  And it was the sister’s first walk since her 2017, when she fell 40 feet […]

Toyota Steps Up And Helps A Special Nurse Get A New Truck

Allyn Pierce is an intensive care unit nurse in Paradise, California.  And last year, he risked his life to save his patients from the Camp Fire, which was the deadliest wildfire in state history.    He used his Toyota Tundra to shuttle patients to safety when the fire spread and got too close to the hospital.  […]

You Better Shape Up! Cuz You Need This Outfit!

If you’re a fan of “Grease” and Olivia Newton-John’s wardrobe is the one that you want in your closet get ready because some iconic pieces are going up for auction. This November, several of the pieces Olivia Newton-John wore in the classic movie will be auctioned off including the leather jacket and pants she wore […]

Jaws (1975)

When a young woman is killed by a shark while skinny-dipping near the New England tourist town of Amity Island, police chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider) wants to close the beaches, but mayor Larry Vaughn (Murray Hamilton) overrules him, fearing that the loss of tourist revenue will cripple the town. Ichthyologist Matt Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) and […]