Welcome To Tik Tok Zak Efron

Thanks to Jessica Alba, Zac Efron made his dancing debut on Tik Tok yesterday!  But even more amazing, is that the two of them are making tourist videos for Dubai….

Robots Are Becoming More Human

We find this horrifying!  These robots are too life like.  Boston Dynamics released a new demonstration video of its Atlas robots navigating a parkour course….they’re incredibly life-like in their movements….

Look Who’s Back As Batman!

Michael Keaton has announced he’ll be stepping back into that Batman costume for the upcoming “Flash” movie.  It’s been 30 years since he wore that suit.  We loved him as…

We Call This Gator-Aid!

An animal trainer who was attacked by an alligator during a child’s birthday celebration in Utah over the weekend was saved in a bold rescue, with a bystander leaping onto…

KISS Is Headed To Vegas

Look who has a Las Vegas residency!  The hottest band in the world . . . Kiss . . . is now going to do a 12-show Vegas residency. Tickets…