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10 Hour Wait For New Harry Potter Rollercoaster

Universal Orlando Resort opened the new Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure ride at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter this week.  Some uber-fans waited more than 10 hours to be one of the first to ride the coaster. One person tweeted, “Hagrid exceeded my highest of expectations. I waited 13+ hours for it and I […]

Jimmy Kimmel Turns Tom Hanks Into A Shoplifter

On Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel challenged Tom Hanks to go steal his cardboard cutout from the souvenir shop next door. Hanks did not hesitate. After walking down Hollywood Blvd and saying hi to fans, he went into the store. Hanks defaced a cutout of Matt Damon for Kimmel. He then picked up his cutout […]

The Reviews Are In on “Toy Story 4”

The reviews are in for Pixar’s “Toy Story 4” and don’t worry I won’t be giving out any spoilers. In this film, Bonnie loves all her toys, except Woody. So she makes her own toy named “Forky” and the adventure ensues. According to critics, the film is funny and fun, but as far as storyline […]

Want Better Health? Get Two Hours Of Nature Each Week

Here’s another thing to help keep you healthy. Researchers say 2 hours spent in nature each week can lower blood pressure, reduce stress and boost mental health and life expectancy. Time spent hiking, at the park or by the lake can also reduce the risk of allergies and asthma. The two-hour minimum suggestion was published […]

Burger King will sell upside-down Whoppers to celebrate ‘Stranger Things’

Burger King is changing up its menu for ‘Stranger Things.’ The fast food restaurant will soon sell upside down whoopers. Nothing will change with the exception of the buns on the Whopper being reversed. Burger King has teamed up with Netflix which streams ‘Stranger Things’ for the special offer. Will you be buying an upside […]

Tic Tac Cufflinks?! Genius!!

The next time you get all dressed up for an event you could be sporting a pair of Tic Tac “luxury cufflinks” to make your outfit for the evening that much better than everyone else. That’s right, Tic Tac has created a pair of luxury cufflinks that actually hold a total of four Tic Tac […]

It’s Trending With Tracy 6/14/19 On CBS12!

We started the week out with a weird fight on the horizon – Justin Bieber challenging Tom Cruise to a fight in the Octogon..MMA style! Now he tells us, nah, that was just a random tweet. He told TMZ that Tom was on his mind, so he just tweeted that for fun. He had seen an interview with […]

What Is That Critter In The Garnish Tray?

A woman filmed an opossum hanging out behind the bar of an Applebee’s in Columbia, South Carolina.    It eats from the cocktail garnish tray, and then wanders behind some bottles and glasses.  Applebee’s issued a statement saying that Animal Control removed the animal and the area was disinfected.

Want To Travel Around The World?

Airbnb is now offering organized trips with accommodations.  It’s called Airbnb Adventures.  And they’re promoting it with a special “Around the World in 80 Days” offer . . . six continents, 18 countries, 12 weeks, for $5,000. Pack your bags!

Summer School (1987)

  Apathetic gym teacher Freddy Shoop (Mark Harmon) is ready to take the summer off in Hawaii, but he’s forced to either teach summer-school English or risk losing his tenure. Now he’s stuck teaching a group of unmotivated students as disappointed to be stuck in school over the summer as he is. But with the […]

Here’s What Critics Think of “Men in Black: International”

Critics have seen “Men In Black: International” and the reviews of the film are not good for the return of the Men In Black. The movie, which stars Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth, has a 32 percent approval rating which is the lowest rating ever in the franchise’s history. Now don’t let the bad rating […]

Target To Offer Same Day Delivery

Target is the latest retailer trying to keep up with Amazon Prime. Target will begin to offer same-day delivery for $9.99 per order. Around 65,000 items will be available for the same-day service. You can start using it now on Target’s website. How important is same-day delivery to you? How much are you willing to […]

This Guy Built a Bike so He Can Only Watch Netflix If He Pedals Hard Enough

An aerospace engineer came up with an idea to entertain himself while losing weight. He rigged his TV to his exercise bike. This made it so that he could only watch tv if he was working out and maintaining a certain speed.  Of course, his favorite thing to watch is Netflix so by extension of […]

Canada Shames Shoppers With Embarrassing Bags So They Stop Using Plastic!

In an effort to get their customers to reduce waste, a Canadian grocery store came up with what they thought was a great idea. They’ll give out plastic bags emblazoned with logos that shame shoppers for not using reusable ones. Vancouver’s East West Market says the redesign was to get people thinking, with owner David Lee Kwen noting, […]

“Book Club 2” Is In The Works!

I literally just saw this movie for the first time over the weekend!  I LOVED it!  As you know, Diane Keaton is one of my favorite actresses of ALL time, so I will see any movie with her in it! And Jane Fonda…..hilarious!  She kind of plays her “Grace” character in this movie. What did […]

An Alligator For A Gender Reveal

This is CRAZY!  A Tampa family used a rather unusual method to reveal the gender of their unborn baby.    Stacie Childs-Wright and her husband Chad enlisted the help of their pet gator Amos to make the big gender reveal.   According to Fox 13, this will be the 10th child in their blended family.   Video shows […]

The Spice Girls Are Back!

All 5-Spice Girls will return to the big screen in animated form.   Paramount has announced the movie will not be released until 2020 at the earliest.  There are no plot details to report.  But, we get all 5 Spice Girls!!

Skydeck Cracks!

Visitors to the Willis Tower’s SkyDeck got an extra scare this week when the attraction’s protective layer covering the glass splintered into thousands of pieces.   The Willis Tower says no one was in any danger, as the protective layer did what it was supposed to do.    “There was a woman with two kids and they […]

Celebrity Dodgeball Game Features Major Stars

James Corden will take his Late, Late Show to London next week. In celebration, there will be an epic game of dodgeball. The match will put US Women Vs. UK Men. There are some heavy hitters on the teams. The US Women’s dodgeballers include Michelle Obama, Melissa McCarthy, Kate Hudson, Lena Waithe, Allison Janney, and […]

Vans unveils Harry Potter sneaker collection

Harry Potter fans can rejoice because their footwear is about to get a little cooler. Vans has just unveiled their sneaker collection which pays homage to Harry Potter. There are four pair of shoes styled after each house of Hogwarts’ School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Vans has also worked on a collaboration of apparel honoring […]

Mike Tyson To Open A Marijuana Ranch In California!

What has me really excited….the world’s longest lazy river!  I suppose that would be really amazing to float down while you’re high as a kite! Mike’s ranch is for people to learn about . . . and more importantly, SMOKE . . . marijuana. A new profile in “GQ“ lays out what’ll be on-site, including a luxury […]

Sorry Oprah….You’re Going To Have To Wait.

Who would DARE tell her to wait?  Well, plans for Oprah to appear in Toronto have been scrapped because of Toronto’s involvement in the NBA Finals. Nice job Raptors! Oprah was scheduled to appear at Scotiabank Arena for her “Your Path Made Clear” speaking engagement, but if the NBA Finals make it to Game 7 […]

Washless Clothes?

There’s a new clothing trend where the clothes don’t have to be washed, because they’re made out of special fibers.  So you can keep wearing them for weeks or even months without smelling.  The idea is to cut down on laundry and energy use, and to travel light.  And the owner in one of the […]

NASA opening space station to visitors

Some people will experience the international space station up close and personal very soon. NASA is letting private astronauts visit and approved companies have events starting in 2020. They made the announcement on Friday. NASA says the new changes will not affect government business. Should NASA open visits to the public?