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The Rolling Stones Tour Makes History

The Rolling Stones “No Filter Tour” is turning out to be one of the biggest of all time.  The 3-year, 3-leg tour wrapped up in Miami on August 30th, and according to Billboard, it sold over 2-million tickets and grossed over $415-million.   That makes it one of the top ten highest-grossing tours in history.

Adele Is About To Be Single

Sad news for Adele. She’s officially calling it quits on her 7-year marriage to Simon Konecki.  The singer filed for divorce yesterday in Los Angeles just 5-months after the couple had separated.  The two announced their split in April.  Custody of their 6-year-old son Angelo is to be determined.  With no prenuptial agreement in place, […]

Vote For Your Favorite Toy

The National Toy Hall of Fame announced this year’s 12 finalists.  And for the first time, you can vote at  This newest inductees will be announced November 7th.  One of the finalists this year is Care Bears.  Here are the finalists…you can vote once per day..The final inductees will be revealed at a special […]

Saved By A Message In A Bottle!

A guy in California, Curtis Whitson,  recently went on a multi-day camping trip with his girlfriend and 13-year-old son.  And they hiked across a river, then couldn’t get back.  The water rose faster than they expected, so they had no way out.  And there was no cell service.  So they had to resort to putting […]

Monopoly Is Fixing The Wage Gap!

Hasbro is selling a new game called “Ms. Monopoly” that fixes the wage gap by giving female players more money than male players to start, and paying them more when they pass Go.  Instead of buying properties, you buy things invented by women, like wi-fi and chocolate chip cookies.  And in honor of the game, […]

Apple Introduces Us To A New Word…SloFie!

Apple unveiled its new products yesterday..the new iPhone 11 was part of the line-up! It features a dual-camera system for ultra wide photos, new Night mode, and the highest-quality video in a smartphone. Water resistance up to 2 meters for 30 minutes. Faster Face ID. A 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display. And all-day battery life. All […]


If you’re in need of a little pick-me-up, please enjoy this adorable video of two toddlers meeting up on the streets of NYC and embracing in the most adorable hug. Maxwell and Finnegan, both 2 years old, have been “besties” for a year now.

Day Of The Dead Barbie

Get ready Barbie fans, Mattel is about to release the first-ever Day of the Dead Barbie ahead of the Mexican holiday.   The Day of the Dead runs from October 31 through November 2 and the doll will go on sale this Thursday at, Walmart, and Target.  But this Barbie isn’t cheap…she’ll set you back […]

What To Do With Your Smart Car During A Hurricane?

While some vehicle owners without garages are forced to watch their cars get pummeled by the edge of hurricane Dorian, that wasn’t going to happen to Jacksonville resident, Patrick Eldridge!  Worried that his Smart Car would get blown away and with wife Jessica’s car safely in the garage, Patrick did what any car guy would […]

Elton Is Getting His Own Stamp

Elton John is being honored on a new set of British postage stamps.  The stamps will include eight classic Elton John album covers, like Captain Fantastic and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.  John is only the second solo music artist to be featured on a set of British stamps, following a set in 2017 honoring David […]

Hurricane Dorian Is Going Away

Now that the entire state of Florida is out of the cone from Hurricane Dorian, we can share this man’s answer to stopping hurricanes. As we like to say, we love our Floridopes!

The Stones Arrive A Day Early

Rolling Stones fans will have to get their “satisfaction” a day earlier. The final stop of the “No Filter Tour” was scheduled for tomorrow night at 8 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens.  But due to the weather, the Rolling Stones Hard Rock Stadium show has been moved to tonight.   All tickets will […]

Smartest Dog Ever?

This is one smart puppy dog!  A stray dog in Thailand is going viral because it figured out it can score free food from tourists by pretending it has a broken leg.  It drags one of its back legs, and locals say it does it all the time to trick people. Hysterical!

Look Who’s Teaching A College Course!

Jennifer can’t wait to attend this class!!   Matthew McConaughey is an award-winning actor and producer, and now he can add college professor to his resume.  McConaughey has been appointed a professor of practice at the University of Texas.  McConaughey who earned a film degree from UT in 1993, will obviously be teaching a film course […]

Follow Your Dreams

A coffee company called SToK Cold Brew is holding a contest where they’re going to give 3-people $30,000 to quit or take a break from their job, and follow their dream for a month.  The deadline is Monday and the website is

The Epitome Of Kindness

An 8-year-old kid in Kansas named Christian Moore showed up for his first day of school, and noticed another boy named Connor crying in the corner.  So he held his hand.  Now a photo of them is going viral, because it turns out Connor’s autistic.  So that’s why he was having a hard time.  Christian’s […]

Eddie Murphy Is Headed Back To SNL

Eddie Murphy will finally return to host “Saturday Night Live” on December 21st.  It’s been 35 years since he was on the show performing comedy.  He first appeared on “SNL” in 1980, and gained a reputation as the man who saved the show. What was your favorite memory of Eddie on SNL?

Lightning Strikes AT PGA Tour

6-people were injured by a lightning strike at the PGA Tour Championship in Atlanta on Saturday.  Nobody was struck by the lightning, but it sent debris flying, and that’s what caused the injuries.  1-person was treated at the scene.  The other 5-were hospitalized, but released later that night.  Play resumed yesterday, and Rory McIlroy came […]

Disney Plus Is Going To Be Awesome

The new Disney+ streaming service (which kicks off November 12th) is trying out a bold, new strategy.   They’re going to run their shows weekly, instead of dropping entire seasons all at once.   Apparently, that means all their shows.  Like the “High School Musical” reboot, the new “Star Wars” series “The Mandalorian”, and all those new […]

The Golden Girls Are Back!

Jennifer loved the Golden Girls…did you?  You’ll never get to see the original “Golden Girls” together again, but at least you can see them in puppet form!   “That Golden Girls Show: A Puppet Parody” debuted off-Broadway in 2016 and now it’s starting to tour the U.S.  The show promises to capture the essence of the original […]

It’s A Bison Stampede

A group of tourists visiting Yellowstone National Park had a scary moment when they were caught in the middle of a bison stampede.  This video shows several cars parked in the road as hundreds of bison run past.  One of the beasts strikes the family’s car, denting it and shattering a window.  Even worse – […]

Pilot Shoots Video After Crash Landing

After crash-landing his small plane into Half-Moon Bay in California, this pilot and his passenger were able to safely exit the sinking plane, even being able to grab a few objects including his camera, (which he used to video the pair waiting to be rescued), and some things to float with.  He says he would […]

Taylor Swift Goes Live Today

You can see Taylor 2 times today.She’ll be performing today in Central Park.   It’s part of Good Morning America’s free concert series in the park that broadcasts live on ABC.  Swift’s performance comes a day before her new album, Lover, is released. It drops tomorrow.   There’s also a pop-up shop opening the day of her […]

Mickey D’s Wants You To Pay It Forward

McDonald’s is marking the 10th anniversary of their McCafé coffee line by handing out 500 cards that let let you get free coffee, then pay it forward.  They want people to use the cards, then give them away to someone else to use for a free coffee.  They’ll start handing the cards out today, and […]


Do you want some frog legs with that salad? A woman in Wisconsin discovered a live frog inside her Simple Truth container of mixed greens.  She posted a video on Twitter of her family losing their collective minds about it.    And yes, this has been happening a lot.  One study found 40 incidents of “wild animals” […]

It’s The Wild Kingdom In Lake Worth Beach

A man was attacked by a kinkajou!!  The man told investigators he’d seen the fruit-eating mammal sitting on an outside fence the day before and he’d left some watermelon for it to eat. He added that the next morning, when he was leaving the Lake Worth Beach apartment, the kinkajou was right outside the door.   “The […]