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New Meaning To Bat Mobile!

On a Spirit Airlines flight on Friday from Charlotte, North Carolina to Newark, New Jersey, somehow a lie bat got loose and started flying around the cabin.  It’s not clear where it came from, but eventually someone managed to trap it in the bathroom.   There’s no word on whether the passengers were charged  “surviving a […]

That’s One Massive Shark

This wasn’t part of Shark Week, but it should be!  Some deep-sea researchers in a submersible shot video of a massive “bluntnose sixgill” shark.  They can grow up to 20 feet in length, and this one may be close to that because it’s longer than the mini submarine.

Don’t Mess With This Female Croc

A female crocodile in Australia uses its snout to smack a male crocodile who gets a little too close for comfort…. and it sounds just like the crack of a baseball bat hitting a ball. (Skip to 2:30) Wow!    

Panic At The Pool

Thank goodness no one was seriously injured.  A malfunctioning wave machine injured 44 people at a water park in northeastern China.  Instead of a gentle wave, the machine for a “tsunami pool” at Shuiyun Water Park generated one that hurtled swimmers into each other and out of the pool.  “According to the initial stages of the investigation, […]

Want To Take A Seat On This New Universal Ride?

Coming up at 7:40 tomorrow morning, we have your chance to win a pair of 1-day Universal Orlando park-to-park tickets and a parking pass!  If you win, make sure you check out the new attraction, “Hagrid’s Magicial Creatures Motorbike Adventure!”

ARod Goes Overboard For JLo’s Birthday!

Alex Rodriguez recently gave her a $140,000 Porsche for her birthday, and video of the surprise just hit the Internet.  And after she sees the car, she says, quote, “What the hell? What is that? I’ve never had a car like this . . . “I’ve never driven a car, period!” Here’s the car delivery […]

How Do Animals React To The Lion King Music?

A guy in South Carolina stood in a field with his horse and donkey to see how they’d react to him singing “Circle of Life” from “The Lion King”.  Wait till you hear what the donkey does!

Now This Is One Tough Surfer

Professional surfer Franklyn O’Rourke was surfing in Jacksonville Beach on Saturday when he was bitten on his arm by a shark.  He got treated by a lifeguard, but chose not to go to a hospital.  And guess where he went right after being treated? Watch and learn!

The Voice Of Minnie Mouse Has Been Silenced

Russi Taylor, the voice actress who was the voice of Disney’s Minnie Mouse for over 30 years, died Friday in Glendale, California.  She was 75, Taylor was also the voice of several Simpsons characters, including Bart’s classmate Martin.  In a sweet act of art imitating life Russi was married to actor Wayne Allwine, the voice […]

Happy Birthday, Mick Jagger!

The iconic Rolling Stones frontman turns 76 (!!) today. He’ll have to have his birthday cake on the road as the Stones are in the middle of their No Filter tour. Let’s celebrate Sir Michael Philip Jagger coming into the world with a little video his band put together for him a few years back […]

This Is Why Dads Shouldn’t Do Virtual Reality

The scary thing is, I could see myself doing this, lol. Some kid in Indiana filmed his dad learning how to play a virtual reality game.  He’s shooting and ducking . . . and just when he seems to have it figured out he goes head first into the TV. Watch and laugh. ~ Bill […]

Smart Diapers?! What Is This Madness?!

Pampers has a new Smart Diaper that will sense when you’re baby is wet and send an alert to your phone and the says the technology is an alternative to pulling back a baby’s diaper to see if it’s wet. The company calls its smart diaper “Lumi” by Pampers. The diaper has a sensor that […]

Billy Goes Fishing For Answers! NSFW

The Piano Man sat down for an interview with “Billboard” magazine and it’s called “Fishing For Answers!  Billy Joel is quite candid and funny…what’s his favorite song…who would he want to share a stage with…so many cool questions are answered…give a listen…we think you’ll really enjoy it!

Maverick Is Back

About 8,000 people at San Diego Comic-Con  got the surprise of their lives when Tom Cruise showed up with a trailer to the upcoming “Top Gun” sequel….The fans were actually attending a panel for “Terminator: Dark Fate” when Cruise walked onto the stage to a deafening roar.  He told the crowd all the flying in […]

Charges Dropped Against Kevin Spacey

Prosecutors have dropped the charge that Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted a teen boy in the summer of 2016. Last week, the accuser, William Little, 21, invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination while being questioned about the mysterious disappearance of his cellphone and whether he or his mother had deleted texts from the night in […]

How Annoying Is That Baby Shark Song?

Baby Shark” and other kids songs are being used in a campaign to drive homeless people away from a West Palm waterfront park….Officials are temporarily playing “Baby Shark” and  “Raining Tacos,” on loop overnight in an effort to keep homeless people away from the Lake Pavilion — an event space by the city’s waterfront….Officials say […]

Even The Moose Can’t Handle the Heat

A moose took relief from Alaska’s recent heat wave by laying in the grass next to somebody’s front yard sprinkler . . . and letting the water give it a refreshing shower.  

Washington Salutes Apollo 11

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, the National Air and Space Museum projected a life-sized rocket on the Washington Monument last night.  The event is part of the museum’s celebration of the first moon landing.  The 363-foot Saturn V rocket will be projected on the east face of the Washington […]

That’s One Big Fish!

Get out of the water!  A giant barrel jellyfish was spotted off the coast of southwest England, and this video shows the massive creature swimming with divers.  According to the Dorset Wildlife Trust, this big guy is the largest jellyfish that can be found in the U.K.’s waters, measuring up to almost 3 feet across […]

The Kingsman 3

  No Eggsy….No Colin Firth…no Channing Tatum? But we get Ralph Fiennes in the next Kingsman movie.

Meet 007’s Replacement!

There’s a new 007.  The upcoming 25th James Bond film, set for release in 2020, still has actor Daniel Craig in the role of the famous spy.  But he’s in retirement and his 007 code number has been handed over to a black woman, British actress Lashana Lynch.  Lynch starred in this year’s blockbuster, Captain […]

A Snake Refuses To Give Up Dinner!

A Houston fisherman didn’t realize the fish he was reeling in had already been claimed….Chase McCray was surprised to find a large snake latched onto the fish he had just reeled in. Even after pulling his catch out of the water, the reptile clung onto the fish, unwilling to let go of its dinner….. According […]

A Beatles Reunion

Paul McCartney ended his solo North American tour Saturday night in L.A. with a little help from his friends.  McCartney surprised the crowd at Dodger Stadium by bringing out Beatles bandmate Ringo Starr.  They shared the staged for two songs, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Helter Skelter, before Starr chucked his drum sticks […]

If You Build It They Will Come!

Is this the greatest dad ever?  A dad in Ohio spent 2-years and $30,000 building a baseball field in his backyard, after his 3–year-old son asked him to.  Now everyone’s comparing it to “Field of Dreams.”   Officials say there weren’t any zoning laws that would have prevented it.  And no one wanted to stop it […]

We’re Going To Need A Bigger Boat!

Sharks have been spotted all summer long up and down the eastern coast, but I think this one takes the cake! It was taken last month off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard, where a massive great white shark cruises next to some people on a boat.  One guy estimated it to be 30 to 35 […]

A New Lion King Song From Beyonce

Beyonce did what she does best, dropped a new song while we were sleeping….The song is called Spirit and is featured at a pivotal moment in the movie, The Lion King…..Beyonce is also the executive producer of the soundtrack, The Lion King: The Gift hits theaters July 19th.

Beyonce Drops A New Song From The Lion King

Beyonce did what she does best, dropped a new song while we were sleeping….The song is called Spirit and is featured at a pivotal moment in the movie, The Lion King…..Beyonce is also the executive producer of the soundtrack, The Lion King: The Gift…. Movie hits theaters July 19th.

We Said Moana!

A Georgia mom says her thick accent may be to blame for a birthday cake mix-up at a local Milledgeville Dairy Queen.  The 25-year-old birthday girl is a big fan of Disney’s “Moana,”…Apparently, the employee thought her  mom said ‘marijuana.’ Instead of Moana, the cake was decorated with a green, bloodshot-eyed, joint smoking, my-little-pony – […]

When Gender Reveals Go Bad

You can buy special powder packs to put on your tires for gender reveals now.  So when you do a burnout, the smoke is either blue or pink.  But it might not be a great idea.  A guy in Australia did it recently and set his car on fire.  He also got arrested because he […]