Tracy St. George

RATT Back On The Charts Thanks To Geico!

Have you seen any of Geico’s recent ads where people talk about insurance issues?  Like the one where two people talk about the “clogging problem” in their apartment . . . and it turns out the family above them are clog dancers. Well, another one of those ads features a couple with a “rat problem.”  […]

Viva Las Vegas! They’re OPEN!

Las Vegas casinos were allowed to officially reopen at 12:01 am Thursday morning. They have been closed since March because of the pandemic. People were lined up to be the first ones inside. Their experience will be a lot different than it was before COVID-19. Customers will see social distancing signs, masks, plexiglass shields, temperature […]

More “Joe Exotic” Music Coming From The Band That Actually Sang His Songs!

By now you’ve heard of the name Joe Exotic a.k.a “Tiger King.” One name you probably don’t know is Vince Johnson, one half of a duo that wrote and performed Joe Exotic’s music in the viral docuseries. The Vince Johnson Band just signed with BMG Rights Management and Create Music Group for an exclusive licensing […]

Would You Get Your Meat From A Vending Machine?!

Imagine getting your next steak from a 24-hour vending machine. That’s what a butcher in upstate New York is doing and he’s calling the response, “unbelievable.” Apparently it’s not the first time it’s been done, the video above is from a butcher in Minnesota did it in 2017! Customers can purchase their meat with little […]

Stormtroopers Helping People With Social Distancing At Disney Springs!

Disney is using Star Wars stormtroopers to remind people to maintain physical distancing. The characters are walking “on patrol” above Disney Springs. Skits featuring the stormtroopers highlight the importance of wearing a face covering and social distancing. A video of interaction popped up on YouTube. The Disney Springs area of Disney World reopened at the end of […]

Are You Allowing Your Kids To Play With Other Kids Yet?

How should parents go about deciding if their children can play with others during the pandemic? Perri Klass is a doctor who wrote in the New York Times about how some of her colleagues in the medical field are dealing with that question. The key is communication. Parents should talk to other parents about how […]

Is Elton John Going Broke?

The cancellation of Elton John’s tour due to the COVID-19 crisis has caused him to layoff his band and some of his staff. The Daily Mail reports that the lack of touring revenue has left John “bereft,” as the money was supposed to be key in his retirement. John has laid off his band until a […]

Sinead O’Conner Calls Herself A “People Whisperer”

The pandemic has inspired SINEAD O’CONNOR to become a healthcare worker, and she’s serious enough that she’s headed back to school. She says she “has a certain gift with frightened people.”  And it sounds like she’s doing something commendable:  Working with people in hospice to comfort them. She adds, quote, “The COVID thing gave me more impetus:  A) What […]

The Florida Keys Are OPEN!!

The water, the sites, the bars and restaurants, the history, the awesome drive to Key West! Who’s ready to go?  They’re open and ready to see you! Read more here!

ZZ Top Legs…..A True 80’s Love Story

Plain girl gets harassed….Gets make over by ZZ Top Girls….Gets back at the harrassers with her hotness….dates cook from local diner. The End. The storyline in this video absolutely cracks me up! I LOVE ZZ TOP!!!!  Always wanted to be one of those cool girls who save the day!

So A Monkey Walks Into A Lab And Steals Covid-19 Blood Samples….Nope, It’s Not A Joke

Think 2020 can’t get any crazier?  The monkeys have just stolen the coronavirus.  WHY WEREN’T THE DOORS LOCKED?! It happened Friday morning at Meerut Medical College in Uttar Pradesh, India.  A group of monkeys entered the facility and attacked a lab worker before running off with three COVID-19 blood samples.  The monkeys were later spotted […]

Bath & Body Works And TGI Friday’s Closing Some Locations

The pandemic has not been kind to restaurants. TGI Friday’s is one national chain that is feeling the economic impact. CEO Ray Blanchette said in a recent interview that up to 20 percent of the company’s 386 locations “will close forever, without a doubt. Revenue for Friday’s is down 50 percent even with pick-up and […]

Elton John Is Live Tweeting Tomorrow Night During “Rocketman”!

How cool!  Elton is going to be live tweeting while we watch the movie!  I noticed the other day it’s on Hulu! But you can watch any way that you want to.  Just make sure to click PLAY at 7pm ET and he’ll share thoughts and insights throughout the film! This Friday, join in the […]

Led Zeppelin Reunion Concert Streaming This Weekend!

This weekend, Zeppelin fans will get a chance to relive the last time Led Zeppelin shared a stage together. The band will stream its ‘Celebration Day’ reunion concert for free on YouTube for 72 hours starting Saturday, May 30th. The 2007 show at London’s O2 arena is the last time Zeppelin ever performed together, with […]

Hard Rock Stadium Is Turning Into A Drive-In Theater?! I LOVE IT!

Until it’s safe to go back into theaters, I am LOVING this idea and I will definitely be buying a ticket! Sign up here! Hard Rock Stadium will be turned into 2 drive-in theaters.  One outside, one INSIDE the stadium that will fit 230 cars! I mean, if we don’t see Top Gun: Maverick on […]

People Are Brushing Their Teeth LESS!?!?!

Some people admitted to letting personal hygiene slide a bit during coronavirus quarantine. A survey that was done in late March when many of the stay-at-home orders hit the country found that 1 in 3 people admitted to showering less. One in five people said that they brushed their teeth less often during the quarantine. […]

Adolph Hitler’s Pet Alligator Has Died At 84

An alligator that reportedly belonged to Adolph Hitler has died at the age of 84, according to Moscow Zoo officials. Some say it’s an urban myth that the alligator was Hitler’s. The gator, named Saturn, was born in the U.S. but was later relocated to the Berlin Zoo, according to Moscow zookeepers. As the story […]

Sorry Kids, Real Spider Bites Don’t Give You Super Powers!

Three Bolivian children, ages 12, 10 and 8, allowed a black widow to sting them thinking they’d turn into comic book superhero Spider-Man. The boys were tending to goats in the town of Chayanta when they poked the spider with a stick on May 14th. The boys quickly started to experience symptoms when their mother […]

Free Pizza For 2020 Grads From Pizza Hut!

**Sorry, I couldn’t NOT post the Donald Trump Pizza Hut commercial!!  CLASSIC!** The class of 2020 is getting one more perk after coronavirus threw off senior year. Get ready for free pizza. Pizza Hut and America’s Dairy Farmers are giving away half a million free pies to this year’s high school graduates. To claim one […]

Happy 40th Birthday Pac-Man!

The video game that started a revolution is turning 40 years old. Pac-Man debuted at a Tokyo movie theater arcade on May 22nd, 1980. The phenomenon took over arcades worldwide, spawned cartoons, cereals and toys and had sequels like Ms. Pac-Man and Super Pac-Man. Game designer Toru Iwatani was inspired to create Pac-Man after he […]

Billy Idol Joins Jimmy Fallon For “Dancing With Myself”!

Billy Idol joined Jimmy Fallon and The Roots on The Tonight Show, for a social distancing remix of his song, “Dancing With Myself” Using instruments found around the house, the band along with Jimmy and Idol, jam out while video of other people shows them dancing at home alone. It’s a fun two minutes, be sure to […]