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The House Of Retro Pleasure’s Featured Video! Scandal – The Warrior

From 1984 – “The Warrior” went to number one in Canada and number seven in the United States. The music video of the song depicts the apocalypse in a warehouse. Who knew the apocalypse would give us such great make up! The song is used in the opening credits to the first episode of each […]

Win PANCAKES FOR LIFE on National Pancake Day at IHOP!

Tomorrow (2/25) is National Pancake Day which means you can get a free buttermilk short stack from IHOP tomorrow. The annual promotion kicks off at participating locations between¬†7 a.m.¬†and 7 p.m for anyone who dines-in. One day just won’t do it for you? Enter into the chain’s “Pancakes for Life” contest while you wait for […]

HAND Sanitizer…..HAND Is The Key Word Here!

A Florida middle school teacher has been suspended after washing a student’s mouth out with hand sanitizer. Others in the classroom say the teacher, Guyette Duhart, told a student he was talking too loudly in class, before grabbing a bottle of hand sanitizer and pumping it in his mouth.¬† Duhart claims the student grabbed the […]

Love To Cook? Hate To Clean? Just Do THIS!

Don’t tell German strongwoman Kathleen Krausse she belongs in the kitchen with a frying pan – she’ll bend it in half. Krausse just set a Guinness World Record for bending frying pans with her bare hands – bending seven of them¬†in under 60 seconds. Before her record-breaking attempt, Krausse quipped “I love cooking, but I […]

Rest In Hair Sy Sperling! Mr. Hair Club For Men

Yes Sy Sperline the founder of Hair Club for Men (and also a client) . . . died Wednesday.¬† He was 78.¬† Sperling founded the company in 1976 with just $10,000, and sold it in 2000 for $45 million.¬† (Full Story)¬† He went national in the early ’80s, with his now-legendary TV¬†commercials¬†where he admitted, quote, […]

YESSSSS!! ZZ Top BioPic Coming To Netflix In March!

Stock up the snacks and sodas and get that sofa groove ready, here’s what’s coming to Netflix next month. Right out of the gate on the first, subscribers can start streaming¬†Corpse Bride,¬†Donnie Brasco,¬†Goodfellas,¬†He’s Just Not That Into You,¬†Hook,¬†Space Jam,¬†The Shawshank Redemption, and ZZ Top’s new biopic¬†That Little Ol’ Band from Texas. Halfway through March 2020,¬†Silver […]


WOWOWOWWOW!¬† Congrats A-Ha!¬† One of our favs here on Sunny 1079!¬† It‚Äôs one of the few pre-‚Äė90s music videos to join the billion-views¬†club alongside¬†Guns N‚Äô Roses‘ ‚ÄúNovember Rain‚ÄĚ and¬†Queen‚Äôs¬†‚ÄúBohemian Rhapsody‚ÄĚ.¬† Incase you’re wondering….hey, what else did they sing?¬† I’ve helped you out here with a few!

NASCAR Driver Ryan Newman WALKS Out Of Hospital And Goes Home!

How sweet is this picture? Walking out of the hospital hand in hand with his daughters! As you remember, the final lap of Daytona 500 ended Monday night with that fiery crash that sent Ryan Newman’s car into the air and skidding across the finish line. Rousch Fenway Racing confirms that the 19-year NASCAR veteran […]

Who’s Ready For The Whitney Houston 2020 Tour?!

Brought to you by the world of technology, Whitney Houston is set to go on tour. A hologram of the R&B singer is set to tour Europe and the United States starting on February 25th. The technology began development five years ago and her Houston‚Äôs sister-in-law and former manager, Pat Houston, says the time is […]

McDonald’s Scented Candles?! I Want ALL Of Them!!

Who knew that McDonald‚Äôs had a Quarter Pounder Fan Club? Well, you can scent your home with pickle and beef scented candles and enjoy the quarter pounder flavors whenever you like. Six scented candles are offered in the fan club store, sesame seed bun, ketchup, pickle, cheese, onion, and 100-percent fresh beef candles come in […]

Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Share Their Engagement Party Pics!

While I had a terrible reaction to Katy Perry’s Katy Kat Mascara (itchy, puffy red eye lids…glamorous) over the weekend, Katy & Orlando Bloom shared some pics from their engagement party! Yep, they’re sharing photos! Last year Orlando Bloom proposed to the singer and¬†American Idol¬†judge. Katy celebrated the anniversary by posting pictures from her engagement […]

Bradley Cooper Is Becoming A Bee Gee! Barry To Be Exact! Biopic On The Horizon!

The story of the Bee Gees could be the next musical biography to hit the big screen. Graham King produced the Queen biopic¬†Bohemian Rhapsody¬†and is looking to present the story of the brothers that became international superstars in the 1970s. On top of that, King has apparently reached out to Bradley Cooper to portray Barry […]

Where Would Your Dream Birthday Party Be? Perhaps Target? Apparently It’s A Thing!

Forget McDonald’s birthday parties to celebrate another milestone.¬† **PS I used to do those birthday parties when I worked at McD’s in high school!** One 8-year-old girl decided to have her big bash at Target with family and friends. They even dressed up as employees with red shirts, name tags, and khaki pants. The proud […]

Purple Rain Is The Best Break Up Song. It’s A Break Up Song?! I Didn’t Know That!

Now that Valentine’s Day is OVER…the chocolates are gone, the roses are starting to wilt, is the love fading too?¬† Well, here is a list of the most popular break up song! 1.¬†¬†“Purple Rain”¬†by¬†Prince **For real….how did I not know this is a break up song?!?¬† Did you?”” ¬† 2.¬†¬†“You Oughta Know”¬†by¬†Alanis Morissette ¬† 3.¬†¬†“I […]

New iPhone Coming In September! The iPhone 12! Will You Get One?

There have been reports that the release of the next iPhone would be pushed back because of the coronavirus scare in China, but according to reports, that’s not true. Reports are still firm on the fact that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 12 in September.¬† There are even reports that Apple is trying to […]

So What’s The History Of Valentine’s Day?! I Found Out!

Ever wonder why we celebrate Valentine‚Äôs Day? The origins of the holiday are a mixture of love and repopulating the world with November babies. Nikki Lewis, co-founder of the matchmaking company, Bevy, says in 270 A.D. St. Valentine was under the rule of Emperor Claudius II who made marriage a crime to focus his soldiers […]

“The Goonies” Is Coming Back ~ With A Twist I Think Will Be Fun!

The 80s film¬†The Goonies¬†will be re-enacted as a TV program. The show will focus on three students who are aspiring filmmakers and a substitute teacher re-enacting the events that took place in the movie. The TV series will film a pilot and we’ll see what happens next. The original movie focuses on kids who find […]

Happy Valentine’s Day! Who’s Your Favorite TV Couple?

It’s Valentine’s Day, so has compiled a list of the 47 best TV couples of all time!¬† Did yours make the cut? 1.¬† Lily and Marshall,¬†“How I Met Your Mother” 2.¬† Randall and Beth,¬†“This Is Us” 3.¬† Jim and Pam,¬†“The Office” 4.¬† Lucy and Ricky,¬†“I Love Lucy” 5.¬† Archie and Edith,¬†“All in the Family” […]

Happy “ValenHeinz” Day! Ketchup….Flavored….Truffles…They’re REAL!

Heinz Ketchup may be a favorite of those who like to smother their french fries, hamburgers and even eggs with it but what about pairing the condiment with chocolate. Heinz UK collaborated with chocolatier Fortnum & Mason for unique “ValenHeinz” Tomato Ketchup Truffles. The chocolate is described as ‚Äútangy but smooth,‚ÄĚ and is promised to […]

Wanna Set The Mood For Valentine’s Day? Here Are The Greatest Love Songs Of All Time!

¬†Valentine’s Day is this Friday, so¬†“Billboard”¬†put together¬†a list of the 25 greatest love duets of all time. ¬†They range from ’60s country classics to 21st century hip-hop hits.¬† Here’s their list, in no particular order: ¬† 1.¬†¬†“I’m Real (Murder Remix)”,¬†Jennifer Lopez¬†and¬†Ja Rule ¬† 2.¬†¬†“It Takes Two”,¬†Marvin Gaye¬†and¬†Kim Weston ¬† 3.¬†¬†“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”,¬†Marvin Gaye¬†and¬†Tammi […]

Hiiiiiiiigh Kitty, Kitty!

A cat went into a weed-infused stupor after downing an entire weed cookie and Carmilla The Kitten‚Äôs owner detailed the entire ‚Äúdrug adventure‚ÄĚ on her Twitter page. @Carmine_Deville says she left a frozen weed cookie on top of her refrigerator to thaw while she went to the bathroom, only to come back and find the […]

Recognize This Girl? Her Dad Likes To “Cook”!

It’s Simone Johnson!¬† The Rocks daughter is¬† poised to be the next SUPER STAR at WWE! She’s officially begun her training and the coolest part is that she will be the company’s first 4th generation star! Simone just signed a wrestling deal with WWE, following into her father’s footsteps. In a statement, she says the […]