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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has just released its list of nominees for the class of 2020.

The inductees will be announced this January, with the 35th-anniversary ceremony taking place on May 2 at the Public Auditorium in Cleveland. On the ballot are: Doobie Brothers Soundgarden Motorhead Dave Matthews T. Rex Thin Lizzy Judas Priest Pat Benatar Depeche Mode – this is who I want in!! MC5 Nine Inch Nails Todd Rundgren Whitney Houston Kraftwerk Notorious B.I.G. […]

What’s Your Favorite “Love” Song? has a poll to determine the best song with the word ‘LOVE’ in the title.  Like all their lists, it’s an ongoing poll . . . but here’s the Top 10 at the moment: 1.  “All You Need Is Love”, The Beatles 2.  “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, Elvis Presley 3.  “Somebody to Love”, Queen 4.  “Whole Lotta Love”, Led Zeppelin 5.  “When […]

24 Gold Medals and Simone Biles Is Only 22!

U.S. gymnast Simone Biles can not be stopped! She is now the most decorated gymnast in World Championships history with a total of 24 medals. Biles won her fourth gold with her balance beam routine and then won another gold on her final floor routine on Sunday. Biles won four gold medals and one bronze […]

Who’s Ready For Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup-Flavored Potato Chips?! ME!!!!!

Last week I had a Pringle’s story….today it’s Lay’s!  What can I say!?  I LOVE CHIPS!!!! Lay’s is opening up the flavor vault again. This time you’ll be able to get Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup-flavored potato chips!  I am giddy with excitment! It will be another one of those limited-time tastes so you’ll need […]

Someone Stole Tom Petty’s Stuff From His Storage Unit?!!?

A thief managed to make off with at least $100k in gear and valuables from the late Tom Petty last month. But thankfully much of it has found its way back to his family. The items, which included guitars and other instruments plus some guns, were locked away at a storage unit in the San Fernando Valley. In what could […]

Check Out The “Madame X” Tour Book!

I caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan’t waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait!  She’s at the Fillmore Miami Beach Jackie Gleason Theater in December!! We can’t bring cameras into the show, but at least we can get a little sneak peek of something! Are you going to the show?!

Banana Splits The Movie! On SyFy! It’s A Horror Movie!

Now we knew Banana Splits back in the 1970’s as a fun show with live size puppet people!  This new version….not so much! The horror film version of “The Banana Splits”, where a family attending a live taping of the old TV series try to survive after the animatronic characters go on a killing spree because […]

Do You Have A Favorite Pringles Flavor? I Think You Might LOVE The New One Coming!

I love all the flavors!  Pizza is my favorite!  When I was in Italy over the summer, they have Ham & Cheese flavored Pringles! So what’s the new one….Pringles is making a chicken chip…kind of. According to Instagram’s snack king @candyhunting, Rotisserie Chicken-flavored Pringles are coming soon. Pringles is also dropping Parmesan and Roasted Garlic-flavored […]

MJ: The Musical will premiere on Broadway next summer!

The posthumous musical based on Michael Jackson is coming closer to launch. MJ: The Musical will premiere on Broadway next summer. Preview performances will start on July 6, 2020 and the official opening is August 13th, 2020 at the Neil Simon Theatre. The music will be feature some of Jackson’s greatest hits. Do you think this […]

Trending With Tracy On CBS12 Thursday Edition!

Elton John has a new memoir coming out next Tuesday called “Me: Elton John”, but so far, he is only dishing on other celebs and not so much himself!   He talked about the Queen slapping her nephew, as a joke. He talked about Rod Stewart‘s way of breaking up with girlfriends – he’d leave a note and an airline […]

Rod Stewart Didn’t Have A Sexy Way Of Breaking Up With Girls!

Elton John is spilling all the tea in his new book Me, he talked about his “dreadful behavior” with lovers who he would fly in and out, sometimes at the same time. “It was a decadent era, and plenty of other pop stars were behaving in a similar way,” writes John, “Rod Stewart occasionally let girls know […]

Booze Pods? I Don’t Get It.

Why should the kids have all the fun with popping packets of liquid in their mouths? But in this case, at least it’s not detergent. Glenlivet has just unveiled a new way to enjoy their Scotch whisky, packaging the spirit into dissolvable capsules made from seaweed. Some detractors are calling these “Alcoholic Tide Pods,” noting that […]

How Soon Is TOO Soon To Put Up Your Christmas Tree?!

As decorations for the holidays seem to appear earlier and earlier, it’s worth asking when is the right time to put them up. According to a poll taken by Minted of 2,000 Americans, 43 percent say immediately after Halloween on November 1st is the right time to tis the season. Another three in ten are […]

What’s the National Average For Kids Allowance? How Close Are You? I’m WAY Off!

How much money are kids getting for an allowance?  Apparently Mayim Bialik doesn’t give her kids ANYTHING! A new study finds the average weekly amount is $30. Two-thirds of parents are hitting that number. The allowance amount is up from $17 in 2016. Most parents expect their children to earn the money. On average, most […]

Girl Scout Cookies, Will Smith Clothes & Kylie! It’s What’s Trending With Tracy On CBS12!

We all have our favorite – mine being the Samoa.…Early next year, the Food Network is bringing us the “Girl Scout Cookie Championship”!!!!  This is a dream come true!  I can smell it now!  Contestants have to come up with new desserts using Girl Scout Cookies. Thin Mints…Trefoils, Do-Si-Do’s!   ALYSON HANNIGAN of How I Met Your Mother fame will […]

Elton John’s Farewell Tour Could Out Last Us All! He’s Added MORE Dates!

At this rate, Elton John’s ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour’ will still be going strong when the rest of us die of old age. The legendary rocker just added yet another set of European dates to his goodbye tour, which began in September of 2018 and will now continue at least through December of 2020. […]

You Think Your Rent Is High? Check Out This Literal SHED Going For $1,050 A Month!

People are outraged about a rental property in San Diego, California. It’s a shed. Not a house, apartment or condo…A Shed! The “studio” is located in the backyard of a home in the North Park neighborhood. How much does it cost per month? $1,050. It does come with plumbing, a kitchenette, new laminate flooring, and […]

Garlic & Onions Lower Breast Cancer Rates!

Could onions and garlic be the answers to reducing your chance of breast cancer? They sure can by 67%, according to a recent study by the University of Puerto Rico and the University of Buffalo. The study focused on Puerto Rico, since it has the lower breast cancer rates compared to the United States. Puerto […]

Woman Goes From 2019 Housewife To 1950’s Housewife!

When Katrina Holte, 30, decided she wanted to quit her payroll job to become a housewife, her husband, Lars, 28, whom she’s been married to for three years, had no problem with it. Holte went further, however, by turning into a 1950s housewife. Holte says she gets up at 6 am to make her husband’s […]

Cherie Johnson Says YES To Punky Brewster Revival!

Punky Brewster star Cherie Johnson is set to reprise her role in the reboot of the series coming to NBC’s Peacock streaming network. The show’s star Soleil Moon Frye has already signed on for the project too. For the reboot of the popular 80s show, Punky is a single mom of three who meets a […]

Add Another One To The List….Sunny 1079 Artist “A-Ha” Are Mad At The President

On Monday, PRESIDENT TRUMP released a new campaign video that uses the infamous “rotoscoping” technique that A-Ha made famous in their “Take On Me“ video. Check it out here. It’s not like A-Ha owns rotoscoping or anything . . . but it is an irrefutable scientific fact that the second you see it used in any context whatsoever, you immediately think “Take […]

I Like Ice Cream…I Like Mayonnaise….I Don’t Think I’ll Like Mayo Ice Cream! Eww!

We now have a contender for the strangest ice cream ever thanks to Japan’s Morinaga Milk Industry. Dubbed the “Calorie Monster Cherio Creamy Mayonnaise Flavor,” the limited-time frozen treat went on sale last week. It’s served as an ice cream bar, with white chocolate in the center surrounded by the mayo-flavor ice cream, then dipped in a white chocolate […]

Time To Get To Costco! Beer Advent Calendars Are For Sale!

The advent calendar of youth has gotten an adult update and it can be yours this holiday season if you have a Costco membership. Spotted at the warehouse club by the Instagram account @Costco_doesitagain is Kalea’s Brewer’s Advent Calendar, which sticks a tall can of German craft-brewed beer behind each of its 24 windows. Most of the […]