Tracy St. George

Kathy Griffin Loses Her Mom At Age Of 99

Condolences for comedian Kathy Griffin, her mother, Maggie, has died at the age of 99. Maggie was a regular on Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. Kathy confirmed her mother’s death on Instagram on Tuesday writing, “My Mom, the one and only, Maggie Griffin, passed away today. Hours ago. I am gutted. She was my best friend.” […]

Dr. Phil’s 10 Tips For Coexisting In Quarantine

We all love a nice family vacation….but I’m sure a lot of people are relieved when it’s over!  Family time can sometimes be stressful.  Now with ALLLLL these family time we’re going to be having, Dr. Phil has come up with some great rules/tips to cope with our loved ones. 1.  Be honest.  Acknowledge up front […]

Bravo! Bravo! What A Performance In The Toilet Paper Aisle!

A pair of UK violinists are updating a classic “Titanic” moment for the coronavirus panic. Inspired by the scene where musicians keep playing aboard the sinking ship, Bonnie Von Duyke and Emer Kinsella perform a stirring rendition of “Nearer My God To Thee” in front of an empty toilet paper aisle.  They even rock a […]

Need Something To Binge While You Socially Distance? I Got You! has put together a list of the best TV shows with AT LEAST 100 episodes that are available for streaming. I don’t see a few favorites of mine on this list like – AMC’s The Walking Dead – most seasons on Netflix,  Schitt’s Creek all seasons except current on Netflix (Ew, David) and I […]

Take The Kids To The Cincinnati Zoo! Virtually!

If the kids are at home and you’re looking for a way to educate them just check out the Cincinnati zoo online. That’s right the zoo has been closed to the public over coronavirus concerns, but they’ve thought of a cool way to keep families engaged with what happens at the zoo. All you have […]

What Are You Doing While Socially Distancing? Here Are Some Ideas!

THIS ONE…Favorite – EMBRACE THE SLOW. Learn a new language. Go on a walk every morning. Take a nap in the middle of the day. Listen to the sounds of nature around you. It’s almost spring, and so much beauty is to behold, if we look for it. Watch spring unfold before your eyes. Birds […]

Share Your Love Of 80’s Movies With Your Captive Audience – Your Kids!!

You’ve got ’em right where you want ’em!  Now if your time to show them all the wonders of the 80’s!  Music, movies, dance moves! If you wanted to show them your FAVORITE 80’s movie what would it be?? I think I would go with Ferris Bueller!!!  And what kid today wouldn’t love that one!!

Trump To Declare National Emergency At 3pm To Speed Coronavirus Response, Report Says

President Trump is expected to make an emergency declaration Friday that will open up more funding to combat the coronavirus. The announcement is expected to be part of a news conference scheduled for 3pm EST at the White House. An emergency declaration under the Stafford Act could free up “tens of billions” of federal dollars […]

Infected JetBlue Passenger Gets Banned For Life From Airline

A passenger who boarded a JetBlue flight while waiting for his coronavirus diagnosis has been banned from the airline for life. The passenger flew from New York to West Palm Beach on Wednesday. He found out his positive test results during the flight. He told the flight crew about it after they landed. The airline […]

Are You Taking Advantage Of The Cheap Flights Going On Right Now?

Not everyone is staying home during the coronavirus scare – some are taking advantage to score cheap flights. NBC spoke to a 20-year-old traveler named Ashley Henkel who started booking summer flights once airline prices dropped due to coronavirus concerns.  She already has trips to Vancouver, New York, and Portland planned. Many other young people […]

Chick-fil-A Sauces Coming To A Grocery Store Near You!!!!

Have you ever wanted more Chick-fil-A sauce than you get in the drive-thru? There’s great news for you. Chick-fil-A will start selling bottles of their signature and Polynesian sauces. The bad news? The bottles will initially be available in Florida only. Publix, Winn-Dixie, Target and Walmart locations in the state will have the sauces in […]

Dad “Kills” Daugther’s Doll To Prove Point Of Washing Hands

A father on Reddit explained what he did to get his daughter to wash her hands more in light of the Coronavirus. “My 5 year-old daughter isn’t washing her hands enough,” he said, “so I came up with the idea to throw out one of her dolls and tell her it died of the coronavirus. She’s pretty […]

Coldplay Covers Prince! Check Out “1999”!

Coldplay was the latest group to perform for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert. With a backup choir of 9 people, the band reworked the Prince classic 1999!!  **Starts at 10:26 mark** Lead singer Chris Martin let the For Love choir take over the song as he sang background. Coldplay also hit us with their songs Viva La Vida, […]

Would A Cone On Your Head Help You NOT Touch Your Face?

We use them to keep our dogs from scratching and biting their injuries, why not use ’em to prevent us from touching our faces amid fears over the Coronavirus?  A pet store owner in Beverly Hills thinks a cone of shame would be a great way to keep our own paws off our faces! In […]

A “Peeps” Scented Manicure?! I’m In!

Just in time for Easter, Target is selling Peeps-Scented Nail Polish. The new polishes were found by Instagrammer @DadBodSnacks and he’s not too happy about Peeps products that you can’t eat. “I know I’m a guy so nail polish isn’t in my toolbox, @peepsbrand was this, necessary?” he said in a post. If you think the polishes […]

Today Is My Day! National Napping Day!! WOOO!

Monday, March 9th is National Napping Day. Boston University professor Dr. William Anthony and his wife Camille started the day in 1999. CNN gives us five reasons why we should take a nap today…or any day for that matter. The biggest reason to nap today is because we just lost an hour of sleep due […]

Meghan McCain Threatens Coworkers Over Hand Sanitizer

Really Meghan…you’re going to have someone fired because they took your hand sanitizer….get a grip. I realize it’s in high demand.  Yesterday I went to Staples on Northlake and they have a sign right on the door before you walk in – NO HAND SANITIZER AVAILABLE.  I was getting something else….so I still went in. […]

Do You Know How To Properly Clean Your Smart Phone?

Since the coronavirus outbreak, health officials have been cautioning not to touch your face and to wash your hands constantly, especially if you’ve been out in public. But it turns out that your phone could be harboring more than 10 times the bacteria found on a toilet seat. So to avoid transmitting that into your body, […]