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Celebrities Nobody Cares About Anymore. I Beg To Differ With This List!!

The website asked its users to name the celebrities they don’t care about anymore.  Here were the Top 10 as of last night:

1.  Nicolas Cage – meh, I’m 50/50 with him I guess

2.  Cuba Gooding Jr. – yeah, where has this guy been

3.  John Travolta – WE LOVE JOHN!!!!

4.  Bruce Willis – he’s still totally fun to see!

5.  Adam Sandler – I’m APPALLED!  I LOVE Adam Sandler!!!!

6.  Meg Ryan – ummmm, ok, maybe I agree with this one.

7.  Will Smith – HOW DARE YOU!!!!

8.  Denzel Washington – hubba hubba!

9.  Jennifer Aniston – come on guys…she’s always fun in a movie!!

10.  Jamie Lee Curtis – The Scream Queen?!  These people have lost their minds!