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Celine Dion fist-bumps fan who serenades her on the street, video goes viral

Adrian Edwards/GC Images

Adrian Edwards/GC ImagesIf you want proof that Celine Dion appreciates her fans, just check out the viral video that features one woman serenading the Canadian superstar.

In the clip, Celine is seen riding in the back seat of a car in New York City wearing sunglasses.  She tells the driver to stop so she can watch the woman — who according to E! Online is named Freida Soloman — singing Celine’s 2002’s song “I Surrender.” Then, the star reaches out her hand, gives Freida a fist bump and says, “Thank you so much for singing for me.”

Posting the video to her Instagram, Freida wrote, “Celine Dion: Thank you for singing for me. Me: Thank you for singing for me my whole life! Such an honor to sing to you @celinedion  Starstruck is an understatement.”

Speaking to E! Online, Freida says, “[I’ve] been singing her songs and listening to her since I was little, so this was too good of an opportunity to pass up. And she was so gracious, I couldn’t resist.”

According to Freida, she spotted Celine when she was out to lunch, but when she got into her car and closed the door, she thought she’d missed her chance.  She went up to the car, asked Celine to roll down the window and, she says, “told her…how she’s been an icon in my life and out of nowhere I started singing ‘I Surrender.'”

Freida says after her encounter, she cried, telling E!, “I can’t believe I got a moment like that in my life.”

No less a talent than Ariana Grande tweeted a still from the video, which has been viewed 2.5 million times on Twitter.

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