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Celine Dion, Lenny Kravitz, Mariah Carey and more rally for change in wake of George Floyd’s death

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images for dcpThe music industry has swiftly condemned the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after a white police officer was videotaped kneeling on his neck during his May 25 arrest.  The officer, Derek Chauvin, has since been charged with murder and manslaughter. 

The video has sparked nationwide protests against police brutality. Many musicians have voiced their support of the Black Lives Matter movement and called for change.

Adam Lambert: “There’s a distinct difference between an organized protest and chaotic looting/vandalism. We shouldn’t let anarchy discredit the movement. Police: how about you identify those few individuals (many of whom are white) and not punish the protestors? You’re just proving the point.”

Andy Grammer: “Violence and looting is never the answer and in no way what I am encouraging. Speaking to the mindset of frustration and the inaction of many including myself. We must stand up for The Black Community or we are truly lost.”

Barbra Streisand: “The tragic killing of George Floyd underscores the two-tiered system of justice and law enforcement in this country. The video evidence is clear that the Hennepin County DA has to return an indictment soon.”

Camila Cabello: “I stand with you in outrage and I have called Minnesota Governor Walz, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison , and Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, their numbers and what to say is on the ACLU website, and I urge you to please call, please sign the petitions, and let’s stand together for justice.  We need a change, we can’t afford to be silent, and we can’t afford a society that’s indifferent to others pain.”

Celine Dion: “It’s hard to find the words… The tragedy, the injustice breaks my heart.  I can’t even begin to imagine what George Floyd’s family is going through.  As so many have already said, it’s not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist. Change is long overdue.  Racism and brutality myst end.  It’s everyone’s problem, everyone’s fight.  and I pray that together we can find peace.”

Cher: “Cop Who Knelt On Mr Floyd’s Neck Till He Died,Is Guilty Of 2 Crimes.1st.Premeditated Murder,2nd”Hate Crime”. Premeditated,Because Cop HAD MORE THAN ENOUGH TIME 2 REALIZE HE WAS CAUSING THE DEATH OF MR FLOYD & HAD TO STOP.THE OTHER 3 COPS DESERVE MAN. 1,THEY WATCHED & DID NOTHING”

Cyndi Lauper: “I am not black, but I see you
I am not black, but I hear you
I am not black, but I mourn with you
I am not black, but I fight for you
Enough is enough. Too much! We have to all do our part to stand up for injustice. #BlackLivesMatter – we have to say those words because for the entire history of this country, black lives have not mattered. I am hoping that things will FINALLY begin to change. Please join me in being a part of that change.”

Jason Mraz: “We stand up for each other. I stand with WMG in the company wide shut down to amplify #blacklivesmatter”

Jennifer Lopez: “It’s not white vs black it’s everyone vs racists”

Josh Groban: “Say their names. The stench of racism still permeates so deeply in this country. As many have pointed out, that it is getting filmed more only sheds a light on what is and what has always been. There should be no tolerance for inhumane treatment at the hands of a broken system towards anyone because of their race. Typing it feels like yelling into the wind. But we must bridge the divides, have the self awareness and humility to know if we were lucky enough to have been born into privileges, and reach out as allies to better understand how we can all make a difference, express empathy, understanding, and together dismantle the core of any racist or unjust system. I hope for peace and justice for the Floyd family, and the families of all those before him who shouldn’t have had to die for us to know. This difficult grief and necessary anger must result in a better tomorrow. It must. Link in my bio for the Minnesota ACLU. I have donated and you can too.”

Kelly Clarkson: “For cryin out loud this is the year 2020! Can we please learn from our past and finally progress as a nation? Is it too much to ask each and every one of us to just be kind, have empathy, be loving & respectful?? If my 4 & 5 yr old can learn this, so can grown ass men & women!”

Lady Gaga: “The voices of the black community have been silenced for too long and that silence has proven deadly time and time again.  And no matter what they do to protest, they are still met with no compassion by the leaders that are meant to protect them,  Everyday people in America are racist, that’s a fact.”

Lenny Kravitz: “Does anybody know how many lives we’ve lost ? Can anybody ever pay the cost ? What will it take for us to join in peace my friends ? Does anybody out there even care?”

Mariah Carey: “I wrote this song for my first album. Still looking for answers today. We have to make a change. We can’t be silent. #BlackLivesMatter Text ‘FLOYD’ to 55156 to demand #JusticeForFloyd” 

Pink: “My heart is broken. ‘Being an ally is more than just not being a racist.'”

Sara Bareilles: “We did not give up on love today”

Shawn Mendes: “I’m so sorry this injustice keeps happening.  I can’t imagine what life dealing with racism so constantly is like.  As a white person, I not only recognize that this is a problem but that i am part of the problem.  That is has long due been time to not only ‘not accept’ racism, but to become anti-racist.”

Taylor Swift: “After stoking the fires of white supremacy and racism your entire presidency, you have the nerve to feign moral superiority before threatening violence? ‘When the looting starts the shooting starts’??? We will vote you out in November. @realdonaldtrump”

By Megan Stone
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