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Check out Bono’s lion rock star character in the first trailer from the upcoming animated film ‘Sing 2’

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The first trailer for Sing 2, the upcoming sequel to the hit 2016 animated musical film Sing, dropped Thursday, and it gives fans their first look at the character voiced by U2‘s Bono.

As previously reported, Bono portrays Clay Calloway, a reclusive lion who’s a rock legend but has withdrawn from public life after losing his wife and muse.

Sing 2 follows Buster Moon the koala, played by Matthew McConaughey, and his animal pals as they try to get their act into the Crystal Tower Theater in Redshore City, a stand-in for Las Vegas. To do so, they have to persuade the head of Crystal Entertainment, a ruthless gangster wolf named Jimmy Crystal, that they’re worth watching. Attempting to help their chances, the gang lies and tells Crystal that they can get Calloway to appear in their show.

A segment of the trailer shows Ash the porcupine, voiced by Scarlet Johansson, approaching Calloway on the grounds of his walled-off estate. Clay yells, “Go away!” at her, but Ash comes closer to him and asks, “Don’t you miss the music? You just need to play again.”

The lion roars back, “No I can’t. I haven’t even heard one of my songs in over 15 years…and for good reason.”

We then see Ash onstage as she begins to sing U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” followed by a montage of quick-cut scenes, including one showing Clay sadly walking down the stairs of his mansion and passing a photo of him and his lost love smiling together. As Calloway tentatively opens a guitar case, we hear Ash’s assuring voice say, “It’s OK, your songs will carry you. Just sing.”

Sing 2 arrives in theaters December 22.

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