Chick-fil-A Releases Third Annual Holiday Film

Chick-fil-A Releases Third Annual Holiday Film, Encourages People To Turn The Unexpected Into Something Wonderful

Chick-fil-A’s new animated holiday film is out today (digitally) and helps viewers realize that life is wonderful even in tough times.
The chicken chain has produced short films since 2019 and continue the tradition with the main character, Sam.
Sam and her friend, CeCe, find themselves in a mix-up but finds that it ends up being something wonderful.
The chain said the 2 minute film is to “encourage people to see all the messy, not social media worthy, real-life experiences as opportunities embrace all of it and not miss the wonderful moments we’re in with the people we love”.
The film will make its debut on NBC on Thanksgiving Day but can be found now at
Tell us about a mix-up or a tough situation that you were in that ended up being wonderful.