Cyndi Lauper Documentary To Premiere At Tribeca Film Festival

A new documentary about Cyndi Lauper, titled ‘Let the Canary Sing’, will make its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City on June 14.
The screening will take place at the Beacon Theatre, followed by a live performance from Lauper.
Directed by Alison Ellwood, who most recently directed the Emmy-winning series Laurel Canyon, ‘Let the Canary Sing’ chronicles Lauper’s journey to success from her upbringing in Queens to worldwide fame.
“Her story is one of hard knocks, hard work and dogged determination. Cyndi wanted her voice not just to be listened to, but a voice to be heard. The documentary will be a full portrait of Cyndi Lauper – her ‘True Colors’ shining through,” explains Ellwood.
Which song by Cyndi sticks in your head the most and why?