Dad’s Day DIY Air & Boat Show


The City of West Palm Beach’s Community Events Division has developed a new “DIY Event Guide.” The content is an effort to help City residents recreate the City’s award-winning events at home due to current social distancing recommendations in light of COVID-19. While craft projects are included, the guide inspires virtual gatherings, or “events,” to make special and memorable moments as families self-quarantine. Residents are encouraged to post their creations online, using #WPBtogether, to join the virtual festival. A quick search of the hashtag will illustrate all the ways we can have fun at home.  All DIY Event Guide videos can be found at


Dad’s Day DIY Air & Boat Show:

This guide will give step-by-step instructions to create boats and/or airplanes for dad’s big day. Once complete, participants are encouraged to race their boats in their sinks, bathtubs and pools to give dad a day at the races! Or if a plane is what you choose, fly the airplanes to see whose goes the farthest and fastest to give dad his own personal, at-home air show! Don’t forget to show off how much fun dad had – post images and/or videos honoring dad DIY-style to social media with #WPBtogether.