David Duchovny Talks X-Files Return

David Duchovny is talking about an ‘X-Files’ return.
In a new interview, the actor was asked about bringing back his character for some kind of reboot and was kind of vague.
He said, “I can’t really answer that question. For me coming back, it’s always like, ‘Well, what are the stories? What’s the reason for being at this point?’ I mean, there are many reasons for being. One of them might be because people want to see it. Another would be that Chris [Carter] says, ‘Oh, I’ve got a story to tell! Check this out, this is how we could do this now.’ There’s not a world where we just come back and do it the way we did before because the world has changed.”
Duchovny went on to note that he would be willing to consider returning if a revival brought something new to the table.
Do you think the X-Files still has more relevant stories to tell? Why or why not?