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Dennis DeYoung takes aim at the news media in video for new song "With All Due Respect"

Courtesy of Dennis DeYoung

Dennis DeYoung angrily takes aim at the news media in his new song “With All Due Respect,” from his recently released studio album, 26 East, Volume 1. Now, the ex-Styx singer/keyboardist has debuted an official video for the R-rated track.

The clip features Dennis, his friend and frequent songwriting collaborator Jim Peterik, and members of his solo band performing their parts in separate screens. It also shows about 20 people — including DeYoung’s wife — belting out the song’s angry chorus: “With all due respect, you are an a**hole/ With all due respect, you make me sick!…With all due respect, you don’t deserve no damn respect.”

Dennis also has posted a YouTube video in which he explains what inspired him to write “With All Due Respect.”

“I put it second on the album because I thought, ‘This needs to be said,'” he notes. “I don’t care what side…you come down upon…You’re gonna want to yell the chorus, because you’re frustrated, just like I am, and everybody in America is. Stop already. If we are divided, there’s no reason for you people in the media establishment to make us feel worse about ourselves.”

DeYoung continues, “I don’t believe we’re as divided as we see ourselves mirrored on the nightly news, the cable news, the talk radio…I think both sides in the…news business have done us a disservice, by constantly pitting…radical opposite viewpoints against each other.”

“On a positive note, this is funny. You’ll laugh. You’ll rock. You’ll shake your hips,” he continues, joking, “But be careful: Aa lot of you people are in your 50s and 60s. I don’t want to be responsible for any hospital bills!”

By Matt Friedlander
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