Featured Story | Jennifer & Bill

Did Aliens Do This?

Bill insists it’s aliens. Jennifer believes it’s the military (or someone with a large helicopter) playing a prank. Remember last week, when someone found a 10 to 12 foot tall monolith in the middle of the desert in Utah, just like the one from the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”? A silver monolith that mysteriously appeared in the Utah desert earlier this month has now mysteriously disappeared.  The monolith was found tucked away in a remote slot canyon south of MOAB by state officers who were counting bighorn sheep.  Rumors swirled on social media about the origin of the monolith, and the Utah DPS released a statement clarifying that it was illegal to install art structures on public lands “no matter what planet you’re from.”  Now the state Bureau of Land Management says the monolith has disappeared, and was removed by an “unknown party” sometime Friday night. Well, it’s vanished, and no one’s sure who removed it.  It disappeared late Friday night. How do you think it got there?