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Did The Simpsons Do It Again?

For years The Simpsons have been the subject of controversy as the plot of the animated series has correctly predicted many of the scenarios that have played out in real life.

Yet another prediction has come to fruition, in the episode “Bart To The Future” Lisa Simpson is an adult and is the incoming president of the United States. She’s also inheriting “quite a budget crunch” from outgoing president Trump. (Whoa!)

Fans noticed that Lisa’s outfit in the episode is similar to Vice President Kamala Harris’ inaugural outfit. Harris wore a purple pants suit and coat with pearls, Lisa is seen in the episode wearing a similar outfit. 

“Yeah, everything that ever will be has already been on The Simpsons,” joked fan Phil Hagen on Twitter. “But this is a bit on the nose.” Another fan tweeted, “Okay, that settles it: the writers for The Simpsons are time travelers.”

What do you think of Simpson’s predictions? Do you think it’s a coincidence or something more?