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Did Your Favorite Show Peak In It’s First Season?

You know how people stick with a mediocre TV show, hoping it finds its groove?  Well, sometimes it works the opposite way.  Some shows start out on fire, but then fizzle out immediately.  Here’s a list of shows that peaked in Season One, along with the number of seasons they lasted:

1.  “Lost”, six seasons.

2.  “Once Upon a Time”, seven seasons.

3.  “Westworld”, three seasons, and counting.

4.  “True Blood”, seven seasons.

5.  “Heroes”, four seasons.

6.  “Daredevil”, three seasons.

7.  “Twin Peaks”, two seasons . . . plus the 2017 third-season revival.

8.  “Orphan Black”, five seasons.

9.  “The Handmaid’s Tale”, three seasons, and counting. **WHAT??  One of my FAVORITE shows!!

10.  “The Walking Dead”, 10 seasons, and counting.  **I’m APPALLED!  Again, one of my FAVORITE shows!!