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Diff’rent Strokes Is Coming Back

Norman Lear is heading back to the Sony lot. The television veteran and Jimmy Kimmel will revive their Emmy-winning Live in Front of a Studio Audience series on Dec. 7 with live episodic reenactments of the classic sitcom Diff’rent Strokes and its spinoff The Facts of Life. In Diffeernt Strokes KEVIN HART is playing Arnold Drummond . . . a.k.a. the GARY COLEMAN role . . . on “Diff’rent Strokes… And DAMON WAYANS is playing his big brother Willis . . . originally played by TODD BRIDGES. JOHN LITHGOW is playing Mister Drummond, and ANN DOWD from “The Handmaid’s Tale” will play Mrs. Garrett. It stands to reason that she’s in BOTH episodes, since she was the crossover character. There’s no word on any other “Facts of Life” casting.  Will you be watching.