News | Tracy St. George

Discontinued Snacks Are Making A Comeback!

We all look back fondly on our favorite snacks growing up.

While some have disappeared for good, these snacks made comebacks due to popular demand:

    • Planters Cheez Balls
    • French Toast Crunch
    • Clearly Canadian
    • Fruit-Shaped Trix
    • Dunkaroos
    • Creme Savers
    • Fritos Scoop Spicy Jalapeno
    • Waffle Crisp
    • Eggo Cereal
    • 3D Doritos
    • Oreo-Os
    • Vanilla Coke
    • Crispy M&Ms
    • Oreo Cakesters
    • What discontinued foods and snacks do you wish would make a comeback? Did you love any of these foods?