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Disney World Turns 50 Tomorrow And There Are People Who Have Worked There Since Day ONE!

George Kalogridis, Chuck Milam, and Earliene Anderson are among the 6,000 employees that started when Disney World opened in Orlando in 1971.

Today the three employees are a part of two dozen that still remain from the first day and they will celebrate their 50th anniversary along with the park this Friday (October 1st).

Kalogridis worked his way up to the president of segment development and enrichment for Disney Parks, Milam started as a warehouse worker and now is the buyer for spare parts for rides and shows and Anderson says, “Disney has been my love, and it still is,” Anderson said recently before starting her shift in merchandising at a Magic Kingdom hotel. “I love Disney.”

Have you worked at your company for a decade or longer? What do you love about your job?