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The City of West Palm Beach’s Community Events Division has developed a new “DIY Event Guide.” The content is an effort to help City residents recreate the City’s award-winning events at home due to current social distancing recommendations in light of COVID-19. While craft projects are included, the guide inspires virtual gatherings, or “events,” to make special and memorable moments as families self-quarantine. Residents are encouraged to post their creations online, using #WPBtogether, to join the virtual festival. A quick search of the hashtag will illustrate all the ways we can have fun at home.  All DIY Event Guide videos can be found at

In celebration of the City of West Palm Beach’s legacy event, Clematis by Night, the City has created a series of videos to encourage people to make their own musical instruments! The tutorials illustrate how to make a drum, banjo, maraca, alligator snapper, harmonica, and microphone out of simple and inexpensive household items. Participants are encouraged to get the whole family involved in creating a full band and post your jam session using #WPBtogether – you just might be discovered!