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Do You Feel The Urge To Go To The Bathroom The Moment You Get Home?!

If you find yourself fumbling for your keys in a panic when you get home because you can’t get to the bathroom fast enough, you’re not alone.

The sudden urge to urinate when someone gets home is a common phenomenon known as “latchkey incontinence.” Healthcare website defines it as, “A urinary urge triggered by habits.” In other words, something as seemingly innocent as looking at one’s front door could suddenly bring on the urge to pee. It’s the same reason people feel the urge to urinate when they see or hear running water, according to

If you want to stop making a mad dash to the toilet every time you arrive, doctors recommend biting the bullet and waiting a few minutes before relieving yourself. Then increase the amount of time you wait every day until you no longer associate arriving home with going to the bathroom, medical experts advise.

What other things trigger your bladder?