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Don’t be a “Sucker”: Let Nick Jonas send you to sleep with a nice bedtime story


Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagicIn the past, unless you were Priyanka Chopra, you didn’t have the privilege of having Nick Jonas read you a bedtime story.  But now, that experience is available to everyone for free.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Audible is offering a free audiobook read by Nick.  It’s part of the platform’s collection of audio experiences created to deliver “your best sleep during this difficult time.”  Audible is also donating meals to those in need and first responders as part of the campaign.

Nick is reading the story The Perfect Swing by James McGirk, and according to Audible, it’s specifically written to help you fall asleep: It doesn’t have a clear beginning, middle or end, so you don’t need to follow the narrative too closely.

Nick writes on Twitter, “Being able to #SleepStrong is more important than ever for our health right now. Hopefully this bedtime story I recorded for @audible_com & @thrive can help you guys fall asleep if you need it!”

The story is about baseball legends Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio, how they became legends and, in the process, helped “shape the three components of a perfect swing,” according to Audible. 

Nick’s soothing voice will make you drowsy, and if you hate sports, that’s a bonus: You’ll find it so boring that you’ll probably fall asleep even faster.

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