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Don’t Ever Feel Badly For Steve Perry….Guy Gets A Piece Of EVERY Journey Tour!

Thanks to a legal dispute that led to Journey firing two band members, we’re learning a lot about the band’s inner dealings – like the fact that Steve Perry still gets a cut of every Journey tour.

According to legal documents, when Perry left the band in 1997 he struck a deal with Neil Schon and Jonathan Cain, giving them full control of the Journey name and trademark.

In return, Perry got a cut of the band’s future earnings from both albums and tours – in fact, to this day Schon and Cain have to pay him 12.5 percent of their net earnings from every single Journey tour.

Earlier this week, the band fired bassist Ross Valory and drummer Steve Smith over an attempted “coup d’etat” to take over that Journey trademark – with Perry reportedly siding with Valory and Smith.

How much money do you think Perry has made to NOT tour with Journey?  Did you know rock bands had such complicated legal dealings?