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Drugs Were NOT The Cause Of Elvis’s Death According To New Book

A new book by Sally A. Hoedel, Destined To Die Young, reveals that the star didn’t die from a drug overdose rather from a health issue he suffered with since birth.

Sally believes that Elvis’ drug use wasn’t to escape reality but to keep up with life. Elvis’ mother, Gladys, died young at 46, and both her and Elvis had generic problems such as glaucoma, heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis before they died.

Sally discovered that Elvis’ maternal grandparents were first cousins, which could cause health problems but there were also colon problems that Presley suffered from as a child.

It was discovered that Elvis had toxic megacolon, which his cousin confirmed was a problem as a toddler. Other family members died of various conditions but Sally believes it was his colon that killed the King, not prescription drugs.

What do you believe? Do you think it was the ongoing health issues that caused him to die young?