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Drunk News Anchor raises eyebrows


I mean hey….it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

A local TV news anchor working a “double shift” appeared to have asked the bartender, “make it a double” before going on-air.

Heather Kovar was suspended from CBS affiliate WRGB Saturday for giving a “buzzed” broadcast, babbling and slurring through the 6 o’clock evening news.

At one point during the broadcast, Kovar appeared “disheveled” when discussing heat waves:

“I mean, it’s Houston, Austin, San Antonio. I mean, they’re not expected? It has happened, like, you don’t need us telling you that it’s bad. Like, people are being told to stay inside, drink a lot of water, and we are just so lucky! This weekend right here is so amazing!”

She was clearly also having some technical issues during the segment and was seen holding a wire at one point and then was ultimately cut off from speaking mid-sentence.