Duran Duran Launching NFT Project

Duran Duran is doing a world-first unique project that will connect NFTs to newly-planted, native trees in New Zealand.
The initiative is part of a larger movement to start new micro forests around the world.
Micro forests are small, densely planted areas to improve biodiversity and fight the climate crisis.
Duran Duran will kick off the project by gifting the digital owners of the existing Invisible NFT collection, which was released last year in support of the band’s 15th studio album, the new NFT.
Each of the 100 people who purchased one of the Invisible NFTs will receive a brand-new eco-friendly NFT, and a living tree will be planted by local school children in Jardine Park, Queenstown, New Zealand.
The band explained, “Much like nature, technology finds a pathway to evolve and when innovative new ideas can be utilized to help our planet in positive ways, we should seize those opportunities. Connecting physical trees to the blockchain is a brand new way to create awareness through art and at the same time involve local communities to plant more trees, to benefit the environment.”
Have you figured out NFTs yet?