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Ed Sheeran Owns This Current Title…Do You Know What It Is?

Quiz time.  ed Sheeran was the last artist to do this…what is it?    A #1 song with just one songwriter is becoming a thing of the past.  In the ’70s, 44% of Number One songs had a single songwriter.  In the 2010s, only 4% did.  And so far this year, NO #1 songs have had only one songwriter.  The last song written by just one person to reach #1 was . . . Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”, which he wrote.  It reached #1 in December of 2017.  And get this: The last song written by a solitary female songwriter to reach #1 was Alicia Keys’ “Fallin'”.  It hit #1  back in August of 2001.