News | Tracy St. George

Eggnog Seltzer? No Thanks!

This whole hard seltzer trend has officially hit the “Wait, this must be a JOKE” stage.  Bud Light is selling a new EGGNOG-flavored hard seltzer for the holidays.

It’s part of a new variety 12-pack called the “Ugly Sweater Pack,” which they also did last year.  But three of the four flavors are new:  Seltzer Nog, Sugar Plum, and Cherry Cordial.  The fourth one is Cranberry, which was also in last year’s Ugly Sweater Pack.

They’ll be available nationwide starting November 1st.  This comes on the heels of the “Fall Flannel” pack they started selling in September.  That one includes Pumpkin Spice, Maple Pear, Apple Crisp, and Toasted Marshmallow seltzers.