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Elton John Confirms Support For Face Masks After Claims He Broke Rules In Italy

Elton John says he supports the use of facial masks to stop the spread of coronavirus, the singer’s statement was made after he’s been accused of not following mandates in Italy.

A complaint was filed by Codacons, which is Italy’s leading consumer’s association. The complaint calls for John to be fined because he was spotted not wearing a mask while at a restaurant and while taking pictures with hotel staff at the five-star Grand Hotel Quisisana.

The mayor of Capri, Marino Lembo told The Guardian the incidents would be investigated but he felt claims by Codacons were being “exaggerated.”

According to Italian law, there is a $1000 fine for those who don’t adhere to coronavirus safety precautions.

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If Elton John did violate coronavirus restrictions, should he be fined or not?