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Elton John is now trying to settle out-of-court with ex-wife

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For Elton John, “settlement” now seems to be the hardest word.

The Sun reports that court documents now show that Elton and his former wife Renate Blauel have called a temporary truce, and are now trying to hash out their differences with an out-of-court settlement

According to The Sun, the lawyers have until October 13 to reach a deal; if not, the matter could head to open court, where even more details of their relationship could become public.

Blauel, who married Elton in 1984 and split with him four years later, has claimed that Elton’s depiction of their marriage in both his autobiography Me, and in his biopic Rocketman, “seriously misrepresented the nature of their relationship.”

Blauel was suing Elton for three million pounds, claiming that Elton reneged on his agreement never to discuss their relationship, and has, as a result, suffered “recurring nightmares, agoraphobia, fear, depression, and anxiety.” 

Through his lawyers, Elton denied breaking their agreement and described the lawsuit as a cash grab, saying Blauel had never complained before when he had said things about their marriage.

One particular point of contention was reported by The Sun a few months ago: Blauel was upset about the fact that Elton had claimed in his book that he’d never wanted to have kids until he met his husband David Furnish. In reality, her lawyers claimed, she and Elton tried to have children but were unable to conceive. 

Her lawyers also claimed that she’d asked Elton to take that part out of the book but he refused.

By Andrea Dresdale
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