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Elvis Hits Theaters

Baz Luhrman’s “Elvis” is out at theaters today. Actor Austin Butler says he tried everything to tune into the character of Elvis Presley for the movie “Elvis,”  including singing.  His actually voice is featured in the singing scenes in the movie.  Butler sings all of Elvis’ earlier “unguarded” performances in the movie.  Then later on his real singing voice is blended with Elvis’ voice.  Butlers voice is part of what landed him the role.

Interesting fact:  Baz Lurhman says he received a tear filled audition tape from Austin and that initially got his attention.  Than Baz received a phone call from Denzel Washington telling Baz to audition Austin for the part and that the kid would be perfect. Denzel was appearing in a show with Austin and couldn’t say enough great things about him.

We think Austin looks fabulous as Elvis. How about you?