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Elvis’ Iconic White Eyelet Jumpsuit and Cape Can Be Yours!!!!

Whether you had the privilege to see ELVIS in concert or not, everyone knows his on-stage fashion was quite iconic.

The white eyelet jumpsuit and matching cape that he wore in 1972 at a Madison Square Garden show is going up for auction.  But they’re not being sold together.

The opening bid for the jumpsuit is $350,000 and the cape is $50,000.  (For reference, Elvis passed away in 1977, so this outfit was worn towards the end of his career.)

There will be other Elvis memorabilia on the block, too, like the helmet worn in “Viva Las Vegas” . . . a collection of his hair saved by one of his barbers . . . and a private Beverly Hills luncheon with ex-wife PRISCILLA PRESLEY.  (They divorced in 1973.)

Priscilla said, quote, “I thought, ‘Why not be a part of it?’ . . . I used to have a different opinion about these estate sales, but then as I got older I realized that you have to pass these things down to someone who’ll really appreciate them.”

Part of the proceeds from the luncheon will go to the Dream Foundation in recognition of Priscilla’s mom who passed away last month.

Live bidding starts tomorrow at