Even Batman Goes Speechless At The Sight Of The Batcave!

Michael Keaton and The Flash director recently shared how emotional it was to see Michael Keaton return as Batman and revisit the bat cave while filming the new movie.

Andy Muschietti said, “When [Keaton] arrived to the set, the Batcave was already finished, and it was lit and everything. He stayed like this [eyes wide] for a while. I didn’t want to interrupt him. I just wanted for him to take it in. Who knows what was going on there? But something was going on there.”

He continued, “It was funny because, at one point during the scene where we shot him in the full suit, he was like, ‘Can you take a picture? It’s for my grandson.’ It was one of those moments where he really showed something was inside that was very emotional.”

Which role do you think was Michael Keaton’s best role of all time?