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Even Elton John’s getting in on the quarantine jigsaw puzzle craze

ABC/Randy Holmes

ABC/Randy HolmesOne of the unexpected side effects of our nationwide quarantine has been the re-emergence of jigsaw puzzles as one of the top forms of entertainment, with sales surging so much that companies can’t keep up with the demand.  Even Elton John has succumbed to the jigsaw craze.  But of course, because he’s Elton John, he’s doing puzzles of his own album covers.

Speaking recently from his home to the talkART podcast, Elton was asked what he’s been surprised to find that he’s able to do during lockdown.

“My talent for jigsaw puzzles has re-emerged because I did them a lot as a kid,” Elton said. “That’s a talent I’ve rediscovered since I’ve been in isolation.”

“I love jigsaw puzzles. My jigsaw at the moment is the album sleeve of Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Only the Piano Player,” Elton continued, referring to his 1973 album that features the hits “Daniel” and “Crocodile Rock.”

“That’s hard because there’s a lot of dark colors in that one,” he added. “There’s a Yellow Brick Road one as well and a Captain Fantastic one, which was very hard. But at the moment Don’t Shoot Me is really difficult.”

The good news is that you can own all these puzzles yourself: They’re all on sale now at Elton’s official website for $30 each.  Elton says the puzzles are also useful for entertaining his two young sons.

“The kids are really good at jigsaw puzzle, and I love them and so that’s the sort of thing we’ve been doing,” he added. “Snakes and Ladders, jigsaw puzzle, lots of card games, UNO.”

The music legend does admit, though, that he’s terrible at Snakes & Ladders — that’s the board game we call Chutes & Ladders in the U.S. — and he’s tired of losing all the time.

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