Even Though My Face Doesn’t Show It….I Am LOVING The New Yeezy’s! We Discuss On Trending With Tracy On CBS12!

Little Shop of Gaga!  Lady Gaga has been offered a role in the remake of Little Shop of Horrors!
We loved her in A Star Is Born, American Horror Story: Hotel, every one of her videos are mini dramas, so we need her back on the big screen!
We’re not sure what role she’d take, but prob the lead Audrey who works in the flower shop with Seymore and the killer plant!
Side note – Gaga’s new make up line Haus Labs just put out winged eyeliner STICKERS!  For the lazy who still want to look fierce!
Did you see the newest coolest shoes soon to be seen on the feet of EVERYONE?
They’re from Kanye West and they kind of look like…..Crocs.  But cooler!
He’s probably going to be mad with people comparing them, but hey, they look like Crocs!  They’re called Yeezy Foam Runners.  No price announced yet, but I can imagine they’ll be super over priced. 
I saw a poll online….60K said NO they’re not buying them 4 thousand said yes….guess which way I voted…
There has been a recent sighting of Pennywise the creepy clown from IT!!  At Starbucks!!  You can now order a drink that Pennywise would be so happy!
IT.…. is actually a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with strawberry blood puree!
What’s cooler than that?  Dreamboyz Espresso in Seattle where toned men serve coffee without their shirts on!  Pack your bags, let’s go!